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GALLERY :: 12.31.20 :: POSTED @ 04:30PM CST

Hello! Looks like I can only update once a month since the working from home situation is still going on. Anyway, here are caps from the last 2 episodes of Blue Bloods and a promo still for the next episode! HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)

- 1 of Episode 11.04 Still
- 337 caps of Blue Bloods' "Atonement" - Epi. 11.03 - 12.18.20
- 4 of Episode 11.03 Stills
- 134 caps of Blue Bloods' "In the Name of the Father" - Epi. 11.02 - 12.11.20

GALLERY :: 12.05.20 :: POSTED @ 02:16PM CST

Hello! Hope everyone saw the premiere of Season 11 by now!! Wasn't it great!?? I'm so excited that it's back!!! We have 2 more episodes for this month so far, just no description/promos of it yet. Here are the caps of the Season 11 premiere!

- 281 caps of Blue Bloods' "Triumph Over Trauma" - Epi. 11.01 - 12.04.20

GALLERY, NEWS, & VIDEO :: 11.30.20 :: POSTED @ 07:47PM CST

Hello Everyone!! I'm finally back with Blue Bloods news!! It was finally announced earlier this month that Season 11 will finally start this coming Friday, Dec. 4th!!! We will only get 16 epsiodes tho. They went back to filming early October. It takes them longer to film an episode due to the protocols. So we got spoiled with Will on set 2 times in Oct!! I've posted those and Season 11 promo pics! Will also did an interview virtually and it's below. I'll be back after the new episode airs and post the caps, etc. Enjoy! Glad we finally back! :)

- 3 of Episode 11.01 Stills
- On The Set - 10.27.20
- On The Set - 10.19.20
- Will Interviews with Pop Culture - 11.24.20

GALLERY, NEWS, & VIDEOS :: 05.31.20 :: POSTED @ 03:27PM CST

Hello Hello!! I'm back! Unfortunately I didn't get the chance to update again back in March before the whole pandemic started because I had to unplug my personal computer, etc to make room for my work computer so I can work from home. My working from home keeps getting extended so I decided to go ahead and log in and catch up with updates before it gets too long since my last update. Blue Bloods had to halt production in March and they were in the middle of filming Episode 20. We had to end season 10 with Episode 19. But great news, the show got renewed for Sesaon 11!! They are still planning to start back up in the fall, whenever that may be. They are still on hiatus and it's their usual time anyway. Hopefully in a couple of months, the cast and crew are able to go back to NYC to film again. The Season 10 finale was perfect even though it wasn't planned! Season 10 on DVD will be released on August 18th! The cast did 4 fun virtual family dinners via Zoom for the fans and answered some questions! I have the links listed below. Plus Will had a 20 year reunion with the cast/crew of U-571 via Zoom, I also have the link below. Please watch them all!! Anyway, here are caps of Episodes 16-19 and its promos. Hopefully it won't be long till I get to update again with whatever news we get of the show, etc. Enjoy!!

- 356 caps of Blue Bloods' "Family Secrets" - Epi. 10.19 - 05.01.20
- 1 of Episode 10.19 Stills
- 152 caps of Blue Bloods' "Hide in Plain Sight" - Epi. 10.18 - 04.24.20
- 256 caps of Blue Bloods' "The Puzzle Palace" - Epi. 10.17 - 04.03.20
- 1 of Episode 10.17 Still
- 120 caps of Blue Bloods' "The 1st 100 Days" - Epi. 10.16 - 03.13.20
- 3 of Episode 10.16 Stills

- U-571 20 year reunion with cast and crew on Zoom - 05.21.20
- Blue Bloods Virtual Family Dinner #4 - 05.15.20
- Blue Bloods Virtual Family Dinner #3 - 05.12.20
- Blue Bloods Virtual Family Dinner #2 - 05.04.20
- Blue Bloods Virtual Family Dinner #1 - 05.01.20

GALLERY :: 03.08.20 :: POSTED @ 05:09PM CST

Hello!! So sorry it has been a month since I've last updated! I had been working overtime which made me too tired to sit at the computer even more during the week. I've got the last 2 episodes of Blue Bloods capped, plus one of its episode's stills and on the set from last month!

- 240 caps of Blue Bloods' "Vested Interests" - Epi. 10.15 - 03.06.20
- 2 of Episode 10.15 Stills
- 5 of On The Set - 02.21.20
- 280 caps of Blue Bloods' "Fog of War" - Epi. 10.14 - 02.14.20

GALLERY :: 02.09.20 :: POSTED @ 05:38PM CST

Here are caps of the latest episode of Blue Bloods' "Reckless" from Jan. 31st, Will had great scenes, plus a promo of the next episode coming up on the 14th! No word on another new episode after this one, but I just don't understand why we are having a lot repeats lately! Hopefully we'll get another new episode this month!

- 1 of Episode 10.14 Still
- 300 caps of Blue Bloods' "Reckless" - Epi. 10.13 - 01.31.20

GALLERY :: 01.22.20 :: POSTED @ 10:08PM CST

Hello! Sorry for the long wait on the updating. We haven't had very many new episdoes this month. So far 2 and we have another one up on the 31st. Not sure what is going on. Then we have another repeat in the first of Feb. Anyway, here are the caps and I'll be back with updates after the next episode airs!

- 47 caps of Blue Bloods' "Where the Truth Lies" - Epi. 10.12 - 01.10.20
- 409 caps of Blue Bloods' "Careful What You Wish For" - Epi. 10.11 - 01.03.20
- 2 of Episode 10.11 Stills

GALLERY :: 12.15.19 :: POSTED @ 06:24PM CST

Hello Hello! Finally here with updates!! We are now on hiatus and awhile back, CBS announced the dates for next year and we'll be back on Feb 7 and that's way longer than we're usually used to. I'll update again when we get an episode synopsis. I wonder why the longer break. So here are the gallery additions of the last episodes and Will on set last month! Also pretty cool that we finally heard Will sing! I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

- 340 caps of Blue Bloods' "Bones to Pick" - Epi. 10.10 - 12.06.19
- 56 caps of Blue Bloods' "Grave Errors" - Epi. 10.09 - 11.22.19
- 278 caps of Blue Bloods' "Friends in High Places" - Epi. 10.08 - 11.15.19
- 224 caps of Blue Bloods' "Higher Standards" - Epi. 10.07 - 11.08.19
- 6 of Will on Set - 11.08.19

GALLERY :: 11.03.19 :: POSTED @ 07:36PM CST

Hello! So sorry it took me so long to update again! Had been busy and I should be able to update on time more often!! Here are screencaps of the last 4 new episodes of Blue Bloods and 2 episodes' stills! Enjoy!

- 255 caps of Blue Bloods' "Glass Houses" - Epi. 10.06 - 11.01.19
- 355 caps of Blue Bloods' "The Price You Pay" - Epi. 10.05 - 10.25.19
- 2 of Episode 10.05 Stills
- 241 caps of Blue Bloods' "Another Look" - Epi. 10.04 - 10.18.19
- 4 of Episode 10.04 Stills
- 206 caps of Blue Bloods' "Behind the Smile" - Epi. 10.03 - 10.11.19

GALLERY :: 10.06.19 :: POSTED @ 08:52PM CST

Hello! Hope you're enjoying the season 10 of Blue Bloods so far! He ruled the dinner scene in the 1st episode! I hope we'll get more Will scenes, he had a great action scene just this past Friday in the 2nd episode and looks like we got another one coming up! Here are the updates in the gallery!

- 4 of Episode 10.03 Stills
- 381 caps of Blue Bloods' "Naughty or Nice" - Epi. 10.02 - 10.04.19
- 2 of Episode 10.02 Stills
- 293 caps of Blue Bloods' "The Real Deal" - Epi. 10.01 - 09.27.19
- 2 more of Episode 10.01 Stills

NEWS & GALLERY :: 09.22.19 :: POSTED @ 04:13PM CST

Hello Hello! Sorry for not updating all summer!! I've had a busy summer and I started a new job! I'm ready for Season 10 of Blue Bloods to start this comming Friday!! Other than that, I have pics of Will on the red carpet from May, plus CBS Watch! Magazine May/June 2019 issue, Season 9 DVD screencaps and episode stills of the Season 10 premiere! Plus Will did a funny interview with former costar Nick Turturro! Anyway, here's what I have!

- 4 of Episode 10.01 Stills
- Blue Bloods Season 9 DVD - Special Features & Deleted Scenes
- CBS Watch! Magazine - May/June 2019
- Behind the Scenes with the Blue Bloods Photoshoot for CBS Watch! Magazine
- 7 of Will at People & Entertainment Weekly 2019 Upfronts - 05.13.19
- Blue Bloods' Will Estes Addresses That Oddly Truncated Season-Ending Wedding - 05.15.19

GALLERY :: 05.12.19 :: POSTED @ 11:26AM CST

What a Season 9 finale! So unexpected of what we were going to see! So glad we have a season 10! For now, I have caps of the finale pics and I'll update later this week with the promos, etc. I'm running out of time to do this update but hopefully by the end of the week I'll get the CBS Watch! Magazine in the mail!

- 342 caps of Blue Bloods' "Something Blue" - Epi. 9.22 - 05.10.19

GALLERY & NEWS :: 05.05.19 :: POSTED @ 03:23PM CST

One more episode left of Season 9 coming up on Friday! Time is sure flying!! I have caps of the latest 2 episodes and a sneak peek of the CBS Watch Magazine that the cast is in! It'll be out on newstands on May 21st but I get my copy in the mail beforehand!

- First Look: New Fashion Photos Of The Blue Bloods Cast - May 2019
- 316 caps of Blue Bloods' "Identity" - Epi. 9.21 - 05.03.19
- 227 caps of Blue Bloods' "Strange Bedfellows" - Epi. 9.20 - 04.26.19

GALLERY & NEWS :: 04.25.19 :: POSTED @ 10:50PM CST

Hello! We had another week of hiatus and we are back tomorrow night for 3 episodes left of the season! Speaking of that, we are renewed for a SEASON 10!! It was just announced about a week ago! Whoo!! Anyway, here are caps of the last 2 episodes and a promo still of the new one!

- 1 of Episode 9.20 Still
- 462 caps of Blue Bloods' "Common Enemies" - Epi. 9.19 - 04.12.19
- 244 caps of Blue Bloods' "Rectify" - Epi. 9.18 - 04.05.19

GALLERY :: 03.31.19 :: POSTED @ 5:42PM CST

Hello! We are finally back from March Madness break coming up on Friday, April 5th! Here are the promos for the new episodes and caps from the last episode! Enjoy!

- 5 of Episode 9.18 Stills
- 222 caps of Blue Bloods' "Two-Faced" - Epi. 9.17 - 03.31.19

GALLERY :: 03.13.19 :: POSTED @ 10:50PM CST

Here are caps from the last 2 episodes and promos for the next episode coming up this Friday! Then we are on another hiatus for the rest of the month :( :( due to March Madness. Also, the season 9 finale will be May 10th. Hopefully we'll be hearing season 10 renewal soon!

- 4 of Episode 9.17 Stills
- 385 caps of Blue Bloods' "Past Tense" - Epi. 9.16 - 03.08.19
- 86 caps of Blue Bloods' "Blues" - Epi. 9.15 - 02.15.19

GALLERY :: 02.10.19 :: POSTED @ 3:52PM CST

Hello! Wasn't the latest episode of Blue Bloods amazing or what!? My fave episode this season so far!! Will did AMAZING!!! Also, this website just hit the 16th year mark so thank you for the support!! Here are the caps of "My Brother's Keeper"!

- 416 caps of Blue Bloods' "My Brother's Keeper" - Epi. 9.14 - 02.08.19

GALLERY :: 02.03.19 :: POSTED @ 2:04PM CST

We're finally back with new episodes!! Here are caps of the latest episode of Blue Bloods, promos of the next episode on the 8th, which looks amazing!!! I just know Will is going to knock it out of the park!! Plus I'm a little late but found an on the set shot of the upcoming episode that was filmed in Dec! Enjoy!

- 9 of Episode 9.14 Stills
- 1 of On The Set - 12.20.18
- 218 caps of Blue Bloods' "Ripple Effect" - Epi. 9.13 - 02.01.19

GALLERY :: 01.21.19 :: POSTED @ 12:48AM CST

Happy New Year!! Sorry I haven't been up to date with the site. December was hectic for me and some of Jan. Sadly we've only had 2 episodes starting in the new year and won't have another episode till Feb. 1st! :( We are getting a full season, just spreading it out. Anyway, here are caps of the last 3 episodes and promos! (The 12/7/18 episode caps are out of order due to making caps a different way than usual, didn't think naming the way I named the files would make them out of order).

- 452 caps of Blue Bloods' "Milestones" - Epi. 9.12 - 01.11.19
- 359 caps of Blue Bloods' "Disrupted" - Epi. 9.11 - 01.04.19
- 5 of Episode 9.11 Stills
- 552 caps of Blue Bloods' "Authority Figures" - Epi. 9.10 - 12.07.18

GALLERY :: 12.02.18 :: POSTED @ 10:52PM CST

Hello! So sorry for the little hiatus of not updating!! I've all caught up with caps and promos of the last 3 episodes and promos of the next new episode, plus Will is in a new magazine for the Christmas season, called Wingman! Check them out below!

- 5 of Wingman Magazine - Christmas 2018 Issue
- 6 of Episode 9.10 Stills
- 299 caps of Blue Bloods' "Handcuffs" - Epi. 9.09 - 11.30.18
- 2 of Episode 9.09 Stills
- 323 caps of Blue Bloods' "Stirring the Pot" - Epi. 9.08 - 11.16.18
- 4 of Episode 9.08 Stills
- 321 caps of Blue Bloods' "By Hook or By Crook" - Epi. 9.07 - 11.09.16

GALLERY :: 11.04.18 :: POSTED @ 4:12PM CST

Hello! Here are finally caps of the last 2 episodes!! Hopefully we'll see more of Will in upcoming episodes, there hasn't been much lately. At least, so far, not just dinner scenes! Glad we are seeing more of big smiles! Enjoy!

- 3 of Episode 9.07 Stills
- 304 caps of Blue Bloods' "Trust" - Epi. 9.06 - 11.02.18
- 201 caps of Blue Bloods "Thicker Than Water" - Epi. 9.05 - 10.26.18

GALLERY & WILL :: 10.21.18 :: POSTED @ 5:09PM CST

Happy 40th Birthday to Will today!!!! Hope he has a wonderful day!! Here are caps of the last 2 episodes of Blue Bloods and promo stills of the next episode coming up on Friday, the 26th!

- 3 of Episode 9.05
- 286 caps of Blue Bloods' "Blackout" - Epi. 9.04 - 10.19.18
- 250 caps of Blue Bloods' "Mind Games" - Epi. 9.03 - 10.12.18

GALLERY & MEDIA :: 10.07.18 :: POSTED @ 7:10PM CST

Wasn't the latest episode great or what!? Wish we had seen Jamie at the stripes ceremony. But it's going to be fun watching Jamie working at a different job, it'll be a change though. Here are the caps of the episode and a new Will interview that I forgot to post before!

- 359 caps of Blue Bloods' "Meet the New Boss" - Epi. 9.02 - 10.05.18
- 'Blue Bloods' Spoilers: Will Estes Explains What That New Job Means for Jamie - 09.28.18

GALLERY:: 10.05.18 :: POSTED @ 8:33PM CST

Last minute update before the new episode to start!! Put up screencaps of the 1st episode of Season 9 and promo stills of the new episode tonight! We'll finally see Jamie get promoted and get his Seragant stripes! Whoo, way long overdue!!!

- 7 of Episode 9.02
- 564 caps of Blue Bloods' Episode 9.01 - Playing With Fire - 09.28.18

NEWS & GALLERY:: 09.27.18 :: POSTED @ 12:25AM CST

Hello! So sorry it took so long to update since the last time but I've got the Blue Bloods DVD S8 screencaps, a new magazine snip of Will and his previous dog, on the set from last month, and promo stills of the Season 9 premiere!! I'll post anything else that I've missed next time! Almost time for the new season to start!!

- 3 of Episode 9.01 Stills
- 3 of On The Set of Blue Bloods - 08.29.18
- Will and his dog in Pet Lifestyles Magazine - Sept. 2018
- Blue Bloods Season 8 DVD Special Features & Deleted Scenes

NEWS :: 08.11.18 :: POSTED @ 2:12PM CST

Hello. Just wanted to do a quick update that Blue Bloods' Season 9 will premiere on Sept. 28th! Plus Season 8 will be released on DVD August 21st! It is already available to stream on Netflix! I will be coming home on the day of the DVD release from a trip but I will still be on vacation, so I will have time to make DVD caps! Our wait for the new season is almost over! :)

GALLERY & NEWS :: 06.14.18 :: POSTED @ 10:28PM CST

Hello! Sorry for not updating a month after the season 8 finale! I took a little break :) Anyway, here are finally the caps! Wild and intense episode! Will did wonderful, as usual! Season 8 DVD will be released on August 21st! We have yet to get news of when Season 9 will premiere but I'm sure it'll be at the end of Sept like it has always been! I'll update when I find out and when there's other news!

- 517 caps of Blue Bloods' "My Aim Is True" - Epi. 8.22 - 05.11.18

GALLERY :: 05.06.18 :: POSTED @ 5:23PM CST

What an episode on Friday! Sadly, we only have one more left of Season 8! It sure went by fast!! Looking forward to see how intense the finale will be as what cast has been hinting!! Here are the caps of the latest episode and promo stills of the new episode!

- 2 of Blue Bloods' Episode 8.22 Stills
- 373 caps of Blue Bloods' "The Devil You Know" - Epi. 8.21 - 05.04.18

GALLERY & NEWS :: 04.30.18 :: POSTED @ 10:40PM CST

Sorry for the long wait, but I'm here!! First of all, Blue Bloods has been RENEWED for a SEASON 9!!! Whoo!!!!! I had a feeling it would!!! So anyway, here are caps of the last 2 episodes and promos of the new episode coming up on Friday. We only have 2 more to go of Season 8! :( This season sure went by fast!! Let's hope the last 2 episodes will be good ones of Jamie!

- 3 of Blue Bloods' Episode 8.21 Stills
- 197 caps of Blue Bloods' "Your Six" - Epi. 8.20 - 04.27.18
- 370 caps of Blue Bloods' "Risk Management" - Epi. 19 - 04.13.18

GALLERY :: 04.12.18 :: POSTED @ 10:39PM CST

Loving lots of Will in recent episodes of Blue Bloods! Still waiting on renewal news and I would LOVE to hear them now :) Here are the caps of last week's episode and promos of the new episode tomorrow night!

- 2 of Blue Bloods' Episode 8.19 Stills
- 298 caps of Blue Bloods' "Friendship, Love, and Loyalty" - Epi. 8.18 - 04.06.18

GALLERY :: 04.02.18 :: POSTED @ 9:30PM CST

Wasn't last week's episode awesome or what!? We finally got a lot of Jamie scenes!! He's just amazing :) Here are the caps from that episode and promos for the next one!

- 4 of Blue Bloods' Episode 8.18 Stills
- 355 caps of Blue Bloods' "Close Calls" - Epi. 8.17 - 03.30.18

NEWS & GALLERY :: 03.22.18 :: POSTED @ 9:47PM CST

Hello! Sorry for the long break of not updating but wanted to see if there was anything to post, besides caps and there is!! First off, it was just annouced today that the Blue Bloods' Season 8 finale will be on May 11th! Don't worry, it's still too early to announce any renewals and should know in May sometime! Plus TV Insider answered a fan question about the Jamie-less storylines and here's what was mentioned below. Looks like we have lots to look foward to!

Question: My favorite character on TV is Jamie (Will Estes) on Blue Bloods. He always tries to do the right thing. He cares about people. I look forward to the stories he is written into. This season he is woefully missing, other than at the dinner table scenes. Danny and Francis seem to be the main focus this season. What gives? — Rob

Matt Roush: I am assured by our in-house expert that Jamie will have a lot more going on before the end of the season. Can’t say what, because that would qualify as spoilers, but hope you’ll be more satisfied. In the bigger picture, though, you’ll have to accept the fact that Jamie is one piece of a fairly large ensemble, and while Will Estes is very much an essential member of the core cast, the star anchors of Blue Bloods are Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg, and you shouldn’t be surprised (especially in a season in which Danny is dealing with being a new widower) when they carry the load of the story many weeks. (Source)

We finally have a Jamie storyline starting March 30th!! And we got episode pics! Enjoy!

- 7 of Blue Bloods' Episode 8.17 Stills
- 49 caps of Blue Bloods' "Tale of Two Cities" - Epi. 8.16 - 03.09.18
- 31 caps of Blue Bloods' "Legacy - Epi. 8.15 - 03.02.18

GALLERY :: 02.26.18 :: POSTED @ 6:28PM CST

We are finally off hiatus as of this Friday!! Here are the caps of the latest episode from Feb. 2nd. I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow so I'll be able to watch the new episode and live tweet! The caps will be done next week sometime!

-52 caps of Blue Bloods' "School of Hard Knocks" - Epi. 8.14 - 02.02.18

GALLERY :: 01.21.18 :: POSTED @ 6:00PM CST

Sorry for the lack of updates again. Will had some good storylines for the last 2 episodes but it's long overdue to have his own!!! We are on a break with a repeat of the Season 8 premiere on Jan. 26th and we'll be back with a new episode on Feb. 2nd! Here are caps from the last 2 episodes!

- 294 caps of Blue Bloods' "Erasing History" - Epi. 8.13 - 01.19.18
- 374 caps of Blue Bloods' "The Brave" - Epi. 8.12 - 01.12.18

GALLERY :: 01.09.18 :: POSTED @ 9:50PM CST

Happy New Year!! Sadly Will didn't have very many scenes in the 1st episode of the new year on Blue Bloods. But he did talk a lot in the dinner scene, but wished we had seen what he talked about! Looks like we'll actually have a Jamie storyline this coming Friday!! Here are the caps of the latest episode and promos of the new one!

- 2 of Blue Bloods' Episode 8.12 Stills
- 81 caps of Blue Bloods' "Second Chances" - Episode 8.11 - 01.05.18