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Kerri with Will

I went to the set of Blue Bloods with one of my friends, because we wanted to see Donnie Wahlberg. However, I was excited, because I knew there might be a chance that I would also see Will. My friend and I were on set all day and got to meet Donnie. During one encounter with Donnie I asked about Will and if there was any chance I could meet him. He nuzzled my cheek with his hand and said, "Don't worry, I'll bring Will over for you." Good Lord, really? He was scheduled to come back later that night for a night time scene. Perfect. We waited our little booties right there on the sidewalk.

A few hours later, I saw Will come out of the stage door flossing his teeth. Yes, flossing his teeth...I refused to scream for him, for fear of looking like a lunatic, and had faith he'd walk past me. From my vantage point, I was able to see a little bit of him and Donnie joking with each other and it was two of my worlds colliding (I am a huge New Kids fan), so I was pretty happy just watching the interaction. A little while later, after they were done filming, both Donnie and Will start walking towards my friend and I. They were joking around when I saw Donnie lean close to Will and point in our direction. Good God it was happening, Donnie was keeping his promise. Will walked towards us and slowed down as he got to us, as if he was waiting for his name to be called. I let out a meek "Will? Do you think it would be okay if we took a picture?" He was so excited and so nice. I told him I'd been a fan since "American Dreams" and he told me I was "too sweet." We hugged tight then we took the picture. We started chatting, but then I was side swiped with a hug by Donnie. Will waited patiently until I was done and introduced himself, "By the way, I'm Will." (Ummm...yes, I do know this.) Then he asked what my name was and told me it was a pleasure to meet me. He walked away and a dream came true. :)