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IN TOUCH - stars & their pets - Sept. 5th, 2005

Twice the Fun

Will Estes has a real soft spot for animals who need love and affection

(caption in pic: "My dogs are a priority and a big responsibility," says Will. "but they payoffs are well worth it.")

Will Estes has a fail-safe dating system - any potential dates must be accepted by his two pups, Blondie and Joe, first. "My dogs aren't going anywhere," Will says. "So if someone doesn't like them, that's sort of a deal-breaker."

Will, who stars in the upcoming Fox drama Reunion, has been an avid animal-lover his entire life, so rescuing Blondie and Joe a couple years ago seemed natural. "I always had dogs growing up," he says. "We always had a rescue or five."

"My dogs and I have traits in common, for better or worse," Will, 26, confesses. "Joe is very politically correct. He loves other dogs, and he never does anything offensive. Blondie is another story. She's all muscle and no finesse," he laughs.
American Dreams star says he's learned patience, as well as how to relax, from his pets. Lucky for Blondie and Joe, they only have to worry about sharing Will with a potential love interest: He's got no plans to add to his menagerie of pets anytime soon. "These two are a handful," he laughs.