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:: 12.12.12 :: POSTED @ 6:30PM CST

Hello! Big news today! Big caps update next time which will be later this week for sure. Please set your DVRs for Will's appearance on CBS' The Talk tomorrow!!!!! Check your local listings. So excited to finally have another talk show interview! It has been awhile! Blue Bloods is currently on holiday hiatus so we won't have another new episode till Jan. 4th. As you all know, I've launched this site when Will was on 'American Dreams'. Well, big news for that show, Austin TV Festival next June, is having a weekend of TV show reunions and AD is one of them!!! Tickets are already onsale and it's on Entertainment Weekly's site (click here for more info!). The creator, Jonathan Prince and the cast will be there. I have been told schedules will be out in May at the latest but I'm going anyway! Hope to see some of you there and I will keep you informed on here and Twitter as news been announced. No word on the DVDs yet but surely they're getting close to releasing! It's a dream come true to have this event and there will be a panel & screening!!

So don't forget to catch Will on The Talk! Caps and video of his appearance will be up, of course! :)


:: 11.20.12 :: POSTED @ 9:16PM CST

Tons of set pics from yesterday! :)

- 16 of On The Set of Blue Bloods - 11.19.12


:: 11.18.12 :: POSTED @ 7:20PM CST

Finally was able to update! Next new epsiode will be on Nov. 30th!

- 219 caps of Blue Bloods' 'Nightmares' - Epi. 3.07 - 11.09.12
- 144 caps of Blue Bloods' 'Greener Grass' - Epi. 3.06 - 11.02.12
- 217 caps of Blue Bloods' 'Risk and Reward' - Epi. 3.05 - 10.26.12
- 10.26 episode won the night with 11.06 million viewers
- 11.02 episode had 11.05 million viewers
- 11.09 episode went to 11.32 million viewers
- Sea of Blue Blue Bloods Fansite's link has been updated to
- New affiliate: Bedazzled - a Will Estes Fanlisting
- New Top affiliate: Sami-Gayle

Here's a sneak peek of Moviemaking in NYC and Anchors is in it; Will at the beginning and end!


:: 10.21.12 :: POSTED @ 5:38PM CST

Hello! I would have updated earlier but I just captured the last 3 episodes! Yikes! lol :) Anyway, hope Will has had a great birthday!

- 385 caps of Blue Bloods' 'Scorched Earth' - Epi. 3.04 - 10.19.12
- 31 caps of Blue Bloods' 'Old Wounds' - Epi. 3.03 - 10.12.12
- 15 caps of Blue Bloods' 'Domestic Disturbance' - Epi. 3.02 - 10.05.12
- Went back up to 10.53 million viewers for the 10.12.12 episode
- Went down a little to 10.02 for the 10.19.12 episode


:: 10.10.12 :: POSTED @ 11:00PM CST

How are you liking Season 3 so far?? Lots of Will in the premiere, not so much in the 2nd episode! Hopefully more on Friday! Here's what I have for this time, more next time!

- 2 of Epi. 3.03 Stills - 10.12.12
- 189 caps of Season 3 Premiere - 09.28.12
- Premiere had 11.22 viewers, saying it went down than usual.
- 10.05.12 episode went even lower with 9.77. First time under 10.

Will did an interview from the set of Blue Bloods with AXS TV. Its a must see! (Credit to AXS TV)

Here's a video from and it was back in June during the Blue Bloods Screening and Panel (Credit to Jessica from Glamour)


:: 09.25.12 :: POSTED @ 10:28PM CST

Hello! I'm a bit late on these pictures!! Plus I was having trouble with the Gallery!! Layout is halfway done, I may be a few days late; life keeps getting in the way!! lol Anyway, 3 more days till the Season 3 premiere!!! :)

- 12 of "On The Set" from 9/4/12


:: 09.11.12 :: POSTED @ 8:17AM CST

Happy Blue Bloods DVD Season 2 Day!! Word that there's a special feature of Will and Donnie on set!!! Whoo!! I'll be getting my copy today and will be posting on Twitter of the prices. I know for sure Best Buy is $29.99 and Walmart is $40. We'll see about Target! Season 3 is almost here!! 2 1/2 weeks to go!! I've been working on the new layout so it'll be up before the premiere! :)

P.S. Finally saw Dark Knight Rises the other night! It was soooo awesome to see Will on a huge screen, even tho he had small scenes, he was fabulous!!!

-Past Updates


Hello! Here are the finally the Shadow of Fear caps!!

- 2 new Blue Bloods affiliates has been added!
- 4 new entries has been added to Signs for Will
- 2 new rate style entries
496 caps of Shadow of Fear

Will's Blue Bloods' character, Jamie will have a new partner!

"BLUE BLOODS" - Fridays, 10:00 PM

Sebastian Sozzi ("My Generation") will recur as Vinny Cruz, Jamie Reagan's (Will Estes) new partner, a fast-talking, charismatic cop from one of the toughest precincts in the city. His first episode will air Friday, Oct. 5.

Here's a cute video of Will meeting fans on the set from last week! credit to: MiyaPark

If you have any fan videos you'd like to share with us, I'll post on here! :)

GALLERY :: 07.18.12 :: POSTED @ 6:49PM CST

Here are more pics from the premiere! 2 more days till opening day! :)

- 8 more of The Dark Knight Rises Premiere - 07.16.12

GALLERY :: 07.17.12 :: POSTED @ 1:02AM CST

Hello! Sorry its been a month since I've updated last! I'm going to catch up with everything before Blue Bloods is back on, which will be premiering on Sept. 28th! That'll give me time to (finally) work on the new layout,etc! I've gotten your emails, and I'll get to them! lol This is an exciting week for Will as he has his first major movie in theaters on Friday, July 20th!!! Dark Knight Rises just had their premiere last night! I only have those pics for now and I'll update more this week! :) Enjoy! :)

- 9 of The Dark Knight Rises Premiere - 07.16.12

GALLERY :: 06.06.12 :: POSTED @ 10:32PM CST

Will went to a special Blue Bloods Screening and Panel last night (6/5) in L.A.!! Here's a ton of pics! :) Enjoy!

- 46 of Special Blue Bloods Screening and Panel - 06.05.12

VIDEOS & NEWS :: 06.04.12 :: POSTED @ 12:00AM CST

Hello! How did everyone like Shadow of Fear??? Creepy huh?? lol But Will did FANTASTIC!!!! This was a new kind of role for him so it was a challenging to see him not so nice!! I'll have the caps when I get the DVD, I rather have better quality caps! You can order the DVD here!. Got some GREAT news!!!! First of all, MTV Movie Awards showed a longer trailer for Dark Knight Rises and our very own Will made it in there!!! Its a very quick spot, only 2 seconds but he's at the 59 second mark! Here's a screencap of his scene so you can find it easier in the video:

It'll be out on July 20th in theaters! Sooo glad he FINALLY has a movie that will be in theaters!!! WHOO-HOO!! Hope they'll credit him on soon! Here's the video! Source

Snowblower Strikes Back by 2012TDKR

We also have a video of another movie of his: Inner Auto Movie Project! Click here! I'll try and get the embed video later

That's all I have for right now! Exciting stuff coming up for Will! :)

GALLERY & NEWS :: 05.26.12 :: POSTED @ 9:36PM CST

Anyone else excited to see "Shadow of Fear"?! It has been awhile since we've seen Will in a movie AND playing a new role!! So here are some promos and the trailer! I've also listed repeat times. Enjoy and caps will be up after it airs! :)

- 4 of Lifetime's Shadow of Fear promos

All Eastern time:
- May 27th: 9pm (Premiere)
- May 28th: 1am
- May 28th: 8pm
- May 29th: 12am
- June 2nd: 6pm
- June 3rd: 12pm

GALLERY & NEWS :: 05.19.12 :: POSTED @ 6:32PM CST

Hello! Got some goodies for ya! First of all, one of his new movies, Shadow of Fear is premiering on Lifetime on May 27th at 9pm EST/8pm CST!! Whoo hoo! Finally :) Here is the movie site! It was reported at CBS Upfront that Blue Bloods won its time period every single time this year. 30 for 30! I posted on twitter the other night since Brittany Snow and Vanessa Lengies had a mini reunion and posted a pic on Twitter. Vanessa was wanting everyone to try and get American Dreams Season 2 and 3 on DVD! So if you haven't yet, and they don't take repeats, please email Jonathan Prince at, say why you're a fan of the show, etc and request the DVDs! They need more interests from fans in order to get them out. Spread the word!! Here are the updates!

- 14 of Ringing the Bell at NYC Stock Exchange - 05.16.12
- 13 of CBS Upfronts - 05.16.12

Here's a video of the cast ringing the bell!

I have gallery stuff to catch up so if any news pop up, I'll post! :)

GALLERY & NEWS :: 05.15.12 :: POSTED @ 12:00AM CST

Hello! So sorry for not updating for the past month! Been busy, went out of town, then got sick when I got back! Finally here with screencaps of the last 3 episodes and so glad Will got more screentime!! Can't believe Season 2 is over already! I'll have more updates this week as I dont want to cram all in one post! :)

- 31 caps of Blue Bloods' "Working Girls" - Epi. 2.20 - 04.27.12
- Blue Bloods' 'Epi. 2.20 won the night with 10.47 million viewers
- 419 caps of Blue Bloods' "Collateral Damage" - Epi. 2.21 - 05.04.12
- Blue Bloods' Epi. 2.21 won the night with 10.36 million viewers
- 285 caps of Blue Bloods' "Mother's Day" - Epi. 2.22 - 05.11.12
- Blue Bloods' Epi. 2.22 won the night with 10.73 million viewers
- Devin Kelley, Will Estes Weighs 'Anchors' - 04.25.12 - - IMDB for Anchors

GALLERY & NEWS :: 04.12.12 :: POSTED @ 11:17PM CST

Hello! Wasn't Friday's episode great or what!!? Got the caps, fan photos and a new TVGuide article (I wanted to wait til after the episode aired!). We have reruns again for the next 2 Fridays, so we're back with new ones starting April 27th!

- 316 caps of Blue Bloods' "Some Kind of Hero" - Epi. 2.19 - 04.06.12
- Jenny with Will from March 2012
- Jenny with Will from April 2012
- Blue Bloods' won once again with 10.92 million viewers! (Source)
- Blue Bloods: Will Jamie's Big Save Blow His Cover? - TV Guide - 04.06.12

GALLERY & NEWS :: 04.05.12 :: POSTED @ 7:24PM CST

Sorry for not updating after last Friday's episode! Ooops! Looks like we'll be getting a bigger storyline tomorrow night!! I forgot to mention about the Hydrogen Mag and none of us still doesn't have it! We have no idea whats going on and their customer service is pretty bad! Hope we get it soon!

- 129 caps of Blue Bloods' "No Questions Asked" - Epi. 2.18 - 03.30.12
- 2 of Episode 19 Stills
- Blue Bloods' No Questions Asked episode has won the night with 10.72 million viewers! Source

NEWS :: 03.27.12 :: POSTED @ 11:25PM CST

We're back with a new episode this coming Friday! Whoo!

- Questions for actor Will Estes - Star of Blue Bloods and Our Film Not Since You - by Jane Kelly Kosek - 03.25.12
- Magic Valley won 3 awards in the 2012 Sun Valley Film Festival!! One in a Million Award, Vision Award and Gem State Award!. Congrats!

Wish there was more to post but that's it for now! I have some things to catch up when hiatus starts or maybe before. If there's a new promo pic of Will for the next episode, I'll post! :)

GALLERY & NEWS :: 03.14.12 :: POSTED @ 11:04PM CST

GREAT NEWS!!! BLUE BLOODS HAS BEEN RENEWED FOR SEASON 3!!!! Congratulations to the cast and crew!!! (Source). So the last Friday's episode was a nice change of scenery!

One of Will's new movies has been renamed from Dangerous Attraction to Shadow of Fear. Also added a thumb of his character from Mission Park and the link on the left side. No word on release dates.

- 106 caps of Blue Bloods' "Reagan vs Reagan" - Episode 2.17 - 03.09.12
- Blue Bloods went down a lil bit but its still a lot of viewers: 11.270 million viewers

No word when the next episode will air but I'll update when we find out, hopefully not too long of a wait!

GALLERY & NEWS :: 03.04.12 :: POSTED @ 1:16AM CST

Hello!! How did everyone like the newest episode?! FINALLY we got lots of Will scenes!!! I have to be honest here that he does a FANTASTIC job acting as being angry!!! We're already used to see that from him but this one really stood out!! I hope there will be more big storylines this like this again soon!!

- 659 caps of Blue Bloods' "Women With Guns" - Episode 2.16 - 03.02.12
- Blue Bloods won the night with 11.40 million viewers!

I'm going to be on vacation for the next week so I'll be available on Twitter and e-mail (hotmail) if you want to chat it up, and of course the usual Twitter activities! :) I'll definitely be watching the next episode and update when I get back! :)

GALLERY, NEWS, WILL, & FANS :: 02.29.12 :: POSTED @ 11:22PM CST

Well, its been a crazy, unpleasant 2 weeks of very short Will scenes!!! :( BUT sounds like we'll finally get back to normal this Friday since he's being mentioned in the episode description!!! Geeesh!! lol Also, Hydrogen Magazine Photoshoot is out!! (Credit to their FB page). Thought I'd go ahead and add them before I get my issue in the mail! :) I'll scan the interview sections!!

- Here's Robin's encounter with Will!
- 6 of Hydrogen Magazine - March 2012 Photoshoot
- 47 caps of Blue Bloods' "Parenthood" - Episode 2.14 - 02.17.12
- 24 caps of Blue Bloods' "The Life We Chose" - Episode 2.15 - 02.24.12

- Blue Bloods won the night with 11.35 million viewers for the 02.24.12 episode
- Blue Bloods won the night with 10.81 million viewers for the 02.17.12 episode

See ya after the new episode! :)

GALLERY, NEWS, WILL, & SITE :: 02.16.12 :: POSTED @ 12:12AM CST

Hello! Finally got news about the Hydrogen Mag! It'll be on newstands March 1st! We can finally buy a magazine he's in, at a store again! turned 9 last week! Whoa! Thanks for sticking with me and keeping the site strong!! :)

Here are the updates!

- Fall 2012 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week - 02.10.12
- 2 of Blue Bloods' Episode 2.14 Stills
- 66 caps of Blue Bloods' "The Job" - Epi. 2.12 - 02.03.12
- 37 caps of Blue Bloods' "Leap of Faith" - Epi. 2.13 - 02.10.12

- Blue Bloods won the night with 11.44 million viewers for the 02.03.12 episode!
- Blue Bloods won the night with 11.80 million viewers for the 02.10.12 episode!

I'll have more after the new episode airs on Friday! Cross fingers that we get more Will scenes!!!

GALLERY & WILL :: 02.02.12 :: POSTED @ 10:00PM CST

Well, we got some new goodies!! Whoo!! I realized it has been awhile since I've posted the episode stills into the gallery but I'll have to play catch up during the next hiatus! Also, Will is in a new magazine! Whoo! Its called Hydrogen. He's the Man of Style for March 2012! It has yet to be released and I don't know if its online or offline. I'm watching for it but will, of course, let you know!! The magazine is on Twitter and posted a Facebook link of the sneak peeks of the magazine, so far we only have the 1st page of Will's interview and pic! Here it is:

Man of Style - It's hard to whittle Will Estes down to a few words because there is just so much good stuff there. Gifted in a way most actors take pains to be: smart, warm, the list goes on. Starring as NYPD rookie Jamie Regan on the CBS hit Blue Bloods alongside Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg, and Bridget Moynahan and with roles in Tribeca Film Festivial Favorite Magic Valley. And the upcoming feature The Dark Knight Rises. This humanitarian has hit his stride and is our Hydrogen Man of Style. - credit to: Hydrogen Mag's Facebook and

Can't wait for it to release!!

- Sneak peek of Hydrogen Magazine
- 2 of Blue Bloods' Episode 2.12 Stills

Enjoy tomorrow night's new episode of Blue Bloods and see ya in the next update!

GALLERY & NEWS :: 01.25.12 :: POSTED @ 11:30PM CST

Hello! I'm back! Sorry its been a few weeks! I've been terribly busy and finally things are settling down!! I've got the last 2 new episodes' caps up and its ratings. We got another rerun coming up this Friday but back next Friday, Feb. 3rd with a new episode!! Wish I had Will news but its been quiet! :( Bummer! Hopefully soon! :)

- 73 caps of Blue Bloods' "Whistle Blower" - Epi. 2.10 - 01.06.12
- 207 caps of Blue Bloods' "The Uniform" - Epi. 2.11 - 01.13.12
- Blue Bloods' won the night with 11.34 million viewers for the 01.06.12 episode!
- Blue Bloods' once again, won the night with 12.080 viewers for the 01.13.12 episode!!

GALLERY & NEWS :: 01.05.12 :: POSTED @ 11:22PM CST

Happy New Year!! So sorry for not updating for a month, almost!! Hope you all had a great Christmas/Holiday with family, friends,etc!! We're starting the 2nd half of Blue Bloods' Season 2 tomorrow night, whoo! Unfortunately there is no promo pic of Will so hopefully he has some good scenes! I did some catching up with the gallery and found more pics of a past event, a TV appearance, and fan pics! I'm going to start on the new layout, for sure!! I have an idea in my head and starting it this weekend!

- 11 of Fan pics: Jenny with Will from Fall 2011
- 121 caps of TV: 7th Heaven - Just You Wait and See (1999)
- 5 more of To the Rescue! Humane Society Event in Oct. 2011

Here's an update of his movies:

Magic Valley - still being viewed at film festivals

Mission Park - no update

Inner Auto Movie Project - no update

Angels and Fire - being sent to networks/film festivals

Dangerous Attractions - no update

The Dark Knight Rises - releasing in theaters July 20th. Will has yet to be in the cast list