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NEWS :: 12.27.10 :: POSTED @ 10:04PM CST

Hello! Hope everyone had a great Christmas!! A little slow on the updates still but some news!

-Blue Bloods will be moving to Wednesday starting Jan. 19th for only 4 weeks. I think this will introduce to new viewers! (Source), (Source #2)
-Big Hollywood has named Blue Bloods as Best Television of 2010!! Awesome!! :) (Source)

Also, 'Not Since You' is being viewed on Video on Demand and Pay-Per-View! It will be soon be announced for a TV premiere date next year!

I'll try to think of some updates till the new epsiode! Till next time!

GALLERY :: 12.17.10 :: POSTED @ 08:13PM CST

Here are the caps of "Not Since You'! Enjoy! :)

- 695 caps of Not Since You

GALLERY & NEWS :: 12.15.10 :: POSTED @ 06:52PM CST

The Gallery came back sometime overnight! Whoo!! :) We're back in business!!! First of all, before I forget, got some AD news!

- From the Official AD Fan Club Facebook Page! (Posted on 12.09.10)

The Official American Dreams Fan Club: Just in, straight from AD creator Jonathan Prince:

"We're in conversations with the new teams at NBC about releasing Seasons 2 and 3 of "American Dreams," thanks, in no small part, to you and your efforts.... Thank you so much - to all who continue to write, and to "live the dream," as we used to say on the set."

Isn't that great!?!? We're getting close! Onto the Gallery stuff!!

- 171 caps of Blue Bloods - After Hours - 12.03.10
- 3 of Global Green USA Design Awards - 12.06.10

Next up, "Not Since You" caps! :)

WILL & MEDIA :: 12.14.10 :: POSTED @ 08:04PM CST

Hello! First of all, STILL no Gallery fixed! :( So I'm going to go ahead and update on non-gallery stuff. I'll also have a new layout soon! Probably right after the new year! Will is going to be featured in the next new issue of MusicFashionMagazine ( really soon! In the meantime, here's a new interview!

- Campus Circle - Will Estes - 12.13.10

(Credit: John Russo)
Have you heard the tale that has been told many times about the overnight success and how he/she was suddenly discovered? I had an opportunity to talk with one of those overnight successes, except he has been in the acting business for over 20 years. (Read more)

- Blue Bloods got 7.482 viewers on the "Officer Down" repeat. (Source)
- I forgot to post these ratings after the 1st repeat of Blue Bloods on Black Friday: They went down to 7.466 million viewers (Source)

- Blue Bloods will be back with new episodes on Jan. 7th! (Source)
- Here's the schedule of repeats till next year!
- 12/17 - "What You See"
- 12/24 - "Smack Attack"
- 12/31 - "Brothers"
- 01/01/2011 - "Pilot" (an hour early than normal time slot)

- Entertainment Weekly's Fall winners and losers (12/3/10):

1. NCIS (CBS) 21.3 million
2. Dancing with the Stars (ABC) 21.2 million
3. NFL Sunday (NBC) 20.2 million
4. Dancing with the Stars results (ABC) 18.5 million
5. NCIS: LA (CBS) 17.4 million
6. The Mentalist (CBS) 17.3 million
7. Criminal Minds (CBS) 16.2 million
8. CSI (CBS) 15.9 million
9. Two and A Half Men (CBS) 15.5 million
10. NFL Sunday pre-kickoff (NBC) 15.2 million
11. The Big Bang Theory (CBS) 15 million
12. Modern Family (ABC) 14.7 million
13. Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) 14.6 million
14. Hawaii Five-0 (CBS) 14 million
15. 60 Minutes (CBS) 13.9 million
16. The Good Wife (CBS) 13.7 million
17. Survivor: Nicaragua (CBS) 13.3 million
18. Blue Bloods (CBS) 13.25 million - (rest of the list here)

Here's a new poll!

Ok I think that's enough for now. I'll have more later and HOPEFULLY the gallery will be back up!! Also, please rent "Not Since You"! It's a very good movie, considering it's independent and Will did great! I'll have caps of the movie along w/ the other uploads on the wait list!

WILL & MEDIA :: 12.08.10 :: POSTED @ 12:10AM CST

Hello! Finally back online!! It wasn't until Monday! In the meantime, I have news about Will!! He shot new photos with Catherine Westergaard over the weekend! I found out on Twitter but I'm keeping an eye of where they'll end up at! Maybe her website. Hopefully soon!! Can't wait! :)

Here's TVGuide's Behind the Scenes with Blue Bloods cast! Source

Caps from Friday's "After Hours" episode are all ready to be uploaded but I have to upgrade the Gallery first. It's running very slow. The new version came out when I was offline.

- Blue Bloods won the night again with 11.316 viewers!! Source

I'll have more updates really soon! :)

WILL & TV :: 11.26.10 :: POSTED @ 1:38PM CST

I haven't unhooked my computer yet so hought I'd post the new interview (new questions!) that just came out this morning! :)

- Will Estes Brings the heat to 'Blue Bloods'! - 11.26.10

There will be back to back episodes of Blue Bloods - Privilege and Samaritan - starting at 10pm EST/9pm CST. Samaritan airs at 1:30am for me, so you'll have to check your local listings!

GALLERY & MEDIA :: 11.26.10 :: POSTED @ 12:50AM CST

Hello! Here's a clip of his interview that I've uploaded to the amazingwillnet YouTube channel and the caps! Great interview!!

- 133 of CBS Thanksgiving Day Parade - 11.25.10

This is the last update till next week due to moving and getting the new internet installed. I'll post on Twitter and email from my phone if any news comes up! :) Later!

GALLERY :: 11.23.10 :: POSTED @ 1:40AM CST

- 7 of 38th International Emmys - 11.22.10

Will is scheduled to appear at the CBS Thanksgiving Day Parade this Thursday to speak w/ the hosts! I'll put up the video that night but it starts at 8am! (Source) Thanks to Jillian!

GALLERY, WILL, NEWS :: 11.21.10 :: POSTED @ 4:45PM CST

Big update and finally I was able to upload to the gallery!

- Blue Bloods won the night of 11.19 w/ 11.31 viewers!! Source
- New interview from Oct. 2010 - Retro Grade - Gotham Magazine - Source (Thanks Steffi!)

Will Estes, Actor
Working on: Blue Bloods, airing on Fridays this fall on CBS
Best New York secret (but not for long): The Little Bird Café on Avenue B in Alphabet City

- 667 caps of Chinatown - 11.12.10

- 143 caps of Re-Do - 11.19.10

I will make some light updates this week as I'm in the middle of packing to move; hopefully we'll get some coverage out of the International Emmys tomorrow night!

NEWS :: 11.19.10 :: POSTED @ 12:00AM CST

Hello. I'm having gallery issues right now but I got the Chinatown caps made and all ready to be uploaded. Hopefully I can get them up within 12/24 hours. Will is listed in the People's Sexiest Man Alive Issue!! He's under the 'Sexy at Every Age'! Whoo! I've scanned that as well and that'll be uploaded with the caps!!

Thanks to Nicole for emailing me this Popwrap article and roxio from Twitter for tweeting about this cute Q&A!

- Will Estes: Everyone keeps asking what it's like to be Magnum P.I.'s son - 11.12.10
- Seasoned to Taste - Q&A with Will Estes - 10.13.10

-Will has been added to the list of presenters at the International Emmys!! It will be held in NYC on Nov. 22nd. Expect some pics! (hopefully!) - Source
-Blue Bloods fell a little bit from Friday's (Chinatown's episode). 10.54 viewers (Source)

I forgot to post this last time, so let's vote!! Blue Bloods has been nominated in People's Choice Awards for Fave New TV Drama & on's 2010 for Best New TV Show!

-Go here to vote on People's Choice & click on Favorite New TV Drama or Tweet: I just voted for Blue Bloods #newtvdrama #PeoplesChoice. Retweet to vote via @peopleschoice
-Go here to vote on

I'm also tweeting both of those votes on amazingwillnet on twitter and feel free to retweet to get your votes in!

I believe that's it! I'll post the caps/ppl scan asap!

Edit: I've uploaded the people mag scan to photobucket! View I believe this is the 1st he's been in the sexiest men alive issue! its not much but its a start! :)

GALLERY :: 11.11.10 :: POSTED @ 1:34AM CST

Here are Episode 7: Brothers' caps!! Great episode; one of my faves! Sorry for the wait; been busy!! I'll let everyone know about the fanbook result! :) I'm going to be away for the weekend so caps will be up on Sunday! Enjoy the big storyline of Jamie/Will in Episode 8 on Friday!! Whoo! :)

- 402 caps of "Brothers" - 11.05.10

Did you guys notice one of the guest stars in the beginning, was also on American Dreams, whose character was Palladino?? He was the captain in boot camp, before JJ became one, and in Vietnam!

Preview of Chinatown! Hopefully I'll be able to see this online since I'll be in the middle of flying when this airs!!

NEWS & MEDIA :: 11.05.10 :: POSTED @ 6:42PM CST

Here's a radio station interview he did yesterday! Interview with Will - 11/4/10

-'s Matt's Weekend Picks: November 5-7 - Our Take:
Blue Bloods (Friday, 10/9c, CBS) This week, it's Erin the assistant district attorney who's in the family's crosshairs — and if you've been watching this Friday night hit, you know the dinner-table debates in this multigenerational crime-fighting family are a weekly highlight. What's got the Reagans riled up this time? Erin's methods in taking down a notorious gang leader, which involves using his goody-two-shoes brother as bait.

-'s Poll: Which TV Family Do You Most Want as Your Own?

This is for the Nov. 12th episode:
BLUE BLOODS-Jamie (Will Estes) witness a crime in Chinatown and his suspect is killed while in pursuit. Now, Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) must solve the case in order for Jamie to avoid an Internal Affairs investigation.

His Whatever with Alexis & Jennifer repeats on Hallmark Wed. Nov. 10th at Noon EST/11am CST!

Enjoy the "Brothers" episode tonite! :) Here's a preview! (I need to start posting those videos again!)

WILL :: 10.31.10 :: POSTED @ 5:00PM CST

With the spirit of Halloween, here's a TV Movie from 1991 that Will has appeared in! Called "The Last Halloween"! There are 3 parts to it; enjoy and Happy Halloween! :)

Part 2 and Part 3

GALLERY & NEWS :: 10.31.10 :: POSTED @ 2:24AM CST

Here are the caps! Sorry, I would have updated at the usual time, but I was busy all day. Anyway, not much screen time in this episode but great scenes!!

Blue Bloods once again won the night with the most viewers!! 11.546! Source

- 201 caps of "Smack Attack" - 10.29.10
- 3 Stills of Episode 8

Don't forget, there are 5 more days till the deadline to be included in the birthday fanbook!!

I'll have another update before the weekend is over! :)
GALLERY, NEWS, & WILL :: 10.23.10 :: POSTED @ 3:06PM CST

Lots of updates today! What an intense episode! Lots of Will action and did a great job!

Blue Bloods once again won the night with the most viewers!! 11.07! Source

- People's Choice Awards Nominations are up and vote for Blue Bloods in the 'other box' for TV Crime Drama & Favorite TV Family! We have till Nov. 9th to vote!! Let's put them at the top!
- New Quotes added
- 196 caps of "What You See" - 10.22.10
- 7 Stills of Episode 6
- 3 Still of Episode 7

Don't forget, there are 13 more days till the deadline to be included in the birthday fanbook!! Speaking of fanbook, its been 6 years today that he got the 1st one! :)

I'll update when more comes up!
GALLERY & NEWS :: 10.21.10 :: POSTED @ 6:51PM CST

- Great news!!! Congratulations to Will and the cast of Blue Bloods for getting a full season!!! What a great birthday present for Will!!! He hasn't had a full season since American Dreams!!! Source
- 6 more Episode 5: What You See Stills
- Mention of Will in Oct. 25th Issue of Life & Style Magazine

WILL :: 10.21.10 :: POSTED @ 12:13AM CST

Just wanted to acknowledge a special day! Hope he has a great birthday!!

GALLERY, NEWS, MEDIA, & SITE :: 10.18.10 :: POSTED @ 9:18PM CST

Sorry I didn't update more over the weekend, been having computer problems!! Now I'm finally able to update!!

First of all, Will is in a new TV Guide's poll of TV's Hottest Cops!! Vote vote vote!! There's no limit so we should get him up in at least the top #3! Start voting!

Here are some magazine scans - both good about the show!
- Entertainment Weekly Review - Issue 10/8/10 - TV Guide - Oct. 18-24th, 2010

- Stills of Episode 1.05

Here's a new interview that he did with Boston Herald. Arresting Development - 10/17/10

Cat started a new Will Estes forum on FanForum (There were some in the past but those has died). Check it out!

I've added some new stuff on the sidebar - see what's new! :) Don't forget to send in your entries for Will's fanbook! His birthday is in 3 days!

GALLERY :: 10.16.10 :: POSTED @ 9:45AM CST

Here are the caps of Blue Bloods from last nite! I thought it was another great episode, funny and sad. Great Will scenes! More updates over the weekend! :)

- 117 caps of Blue Bloods - Officer Down - 10.15.10

MEDIA :: 10.15.10 :: POSTED @ 8:34PM CST

Finally found the local CBS NY news interview he did last Saturday (10/9/10)! Almost time for Blue Bloods and caps will be up later tonite! :)

GALLERY :: 10.15.10 :: POSTED @ 2:05AM CST

Hello! Here are some caps and enjoy the 4th episode of Blue Bloods!!

- 2 more caps of Blue Bloods - On The Set - Episode 4
- 84 caps of his interview on Whatever Show - 09/24/10

WILL & FANS :: 10.11.10 :: POSTED @ 9:42PM CST

Hello!! Got a new fan project for you all!! Some or most of you might remember when Jen and I made a birthday fanbook for Will when we went to Denver for his Perry Ellis Fashion 101 event, right after his birthday in 2004. Now that he's in NYC and is out and about filming Blue Bloods, I thought it would give us a chance to give him a 2nd edition of the book! This time, unfortunately, I won't be able to give it to him since I can't make a trip up there this year. Definitely next year! Met a new friend/fan thru here and Twitter that lives on the east coast. She's planning to go there w/ family next month and she's more than happy to give it to him for us!! It's only going to be a couple weeks after his birthday but its the thought that counts, right??? :)

So if you were included in the 1st book and have a new e-mail address, please e-mail me @ of your new one! I'm hoping I'll get most of the same from the 1st book and many new ones! :)

You can send by e-mail and if you really want to send by mail, let me know. The book will be landscape this time and the deadline is Friday, Nov. 5th!! If you have any questions and send your messages, to Thanks! Let's show him how much we adore him and tell him Happy Birthday!! :)

GALLERY & MEDIA :: 10.10.10 :: POSTED @ 12:22PM CST

Bue Bloods Epi. 03 had another 11.09 million viewers! Source

- 188 caps of Privilege - 10.08.10
- 4 Episode 3 (Privilege) Stills

Heard Will was on a local NYC CBS News yesterday (Saturday) morning, anyone have a video?
GALLERY, MEDIA, & WILL :: 10.02.10 :: POSTED @ 11:39AM CST

Blue Bloods has won the night again last nite with 11.21 million viewers! Whoo! Source

- 157 caps of Samaritan - 10.01.10

Let's request Will to be Ellen DeGeneres Show! Either tweet her @TheEllenShow or send a form here! Let's do this! :)
GALLERY & MEDIA :: 10.01.10 :: POSTED @ 7:45PM CST

Here's an appearance he did a week ago today (9/24) that no one knew about till after it was aired!! Thank goodness for YouTube! Good interview nonetheless; new questions!!

- A new TV Guide interview - Blue Bloods' Will Estes: Secret Society Twist Is Like The Godfather
- 8 more of On The Set - 07.28.10
- 1 more of On The Set - 08.16.10
- 1 more of On The Set - 08.31.10
- 10 new pics of Episode 1.03
- 3 new pics of Episode 1.04

Enjoy episode 2 tonite!! :)
GALLERY & WILL :: 09.29.10 :: POSTED @ 7:14PM CST

I've decided to start making polls! :) Here's the 1st one!

Here are some screenshots from a short film Will did back in 2009, called Angels and Fire - thanks to Tactical Media Group for letting me post them on here! No word on the video yet!

GALLERY, WILL, NEWS, & MEDIA :: 09.25.10 :: POSTED @ 3:45PM CST

FINALLY Blue Bloods is on the air!! What did everyone think?? I actually like his character, Jamie, and looking forward to learn more!! Will did an spectacular job! Its good to see him on TV and its only been a year since we've seen him on "The Cleaner"!

Here are the caps! Sorry if they're not big enough, I'm still trying to figure out what is going on w/ the settings. If I get it fixed, I'll recap them and post! :)

BTW, Blue Bloods encore tonite at 9pm EST/8pm CST!

- 317 caps of Blue Bloods' Pilot (9/24/10)
- On The Set - 9.22.10
- A new Blue Bloods Promo
- Another magazine appearance: TV Guide - Sept. 27th-Oct. 3rd

Blue Bloods got great ratings last nite!! Whoo! :)

-TV Ratings Friday: Selleck's 'Blue Bloods' Numbers are Magnum, Crushes NBC's 'O - - Which means there were 12.8 million viewers!!
- Fall 2010 ratings: 'Blue Bloods' and Tom Selleck, 'CSI: NY' and Sela Ward score big for CBS -
- Ratings: Blue Bloods Open
- Fall TV Popularity Contest: What Did You Think of Blue Bloods?

I've started an episode discussion on the forum: click here to join in!

New Interview!

- Interview - 9.24.10

I'm gonna have to start making daily updates instead of making updates all in one, yikes! :) Enjoy!
WILL & MEDIA :: 09.23.10 :: POSTED @ 11:00PM CST

Will was on Access Hollywood and luckily, it repeats in the morning! It shows 11:30am CST for me, so check your local listings!! Or see it right here! :)

Here is a short but sweet interview w/ Will from Oklahoma City News. Co-Star Will Estes fields questions about "Blue Bloods"

I started an episode discussion topic on the forum if anyone wants to chat about the show during or after,etc! :)
GALLERY :: 09.23.10 :: POSTED @ 1:18AM CST

MORE! :)
- 14 more of Blue Bloods Screening at The Paley Center - 09.22.10

GALLERY :: 09.22.10 :: POSTED @ 11:00PM CST

Here are new pics from the Paleys - unfortunately, there is no video, yet. They did a live tweet feed, but he only talked ONCE! Who knows if there's more, but we'll find out when we see the video. It was quite disappointing actually...Other than that, he looked handsome! :)

- 9 of Blue Bloods Screening at The Paley Center - 09.22.10

2 more days!

GALLERY & MEDIA :: 09.19.10 :: POSTED @ 10:51PM CST

Lots of goodies tonight!

New great interview with Smashing Interviews - click here to read

- 27 caps of a short film, The Drive - He did this back in 2005 and video is below
- Screenshots of Ecoluxe Mag Interview - Credit to: Michelle Hood &
- Blue Bloods/Will is in the newest TV Guide - Sept. 20-26, 2010
- 1 new Fan Clique member

14 minutes of "The Drive" - Will is only in the 1st 1:41 of it - the rest is rough, just to warn you

Enjoy! :) 5 more days till Blue Bloods!!

GALLERY :: 09.17.10 :: POSTED @ 8:36PM CST

Will attended a screening of 'Buried' last nite!

- 7 of 'Buried' Screening from 9.16.10

Also, if you're on Twitter, please follow BlueBloods_CBS and help promote the show and Will! Thanks! :)

GALLERY & TV :: 09.17.10 :: POSTED @ 12:15AM CST

Another pic of Will from the Perry Ellis Fashion Show - this was under a different name! Also, check out Entertainment Tonight at 7:30pm EST/6:30pm CST (or anytime it airs for you and channel) to see Blue Bloods on set!

WILL, GALLERY & MEDIA :: 09.15.10 :: POSTED @ 7:40PM CST

First thing, one of his new movies, "Not Since You" is coming out on DVD, Nov. 23rd!!

Will attended the Perry Ellis Spring 2011 Fashion Show on 9/13!

Entertainment Weekly's (9.17/24.10) Double Issue of Fall TV Preview lists "Blue Bloods" as one of the 5 Best New Shows!

Blue Bloods - CBS, Fridays, 10PM
A crackling drama about a family whose members are all involved in law enforcement, this one will live or die on the dynamics among the ensemble cast, which includes Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg, and Bridget Moynahan. That, and whether anyone will watch on Fridays at 10.

Would be nice if they would have mentioned Will! But that is pretty cool how they named the show as one of the best!

New video posted on!

GALLERY :: 09.12.10 :: POSTED @ 11:40PM CST

More pics from TV Guide but they're the online version!

GALLERY, NEWS, & MEDIA :: 09.12.10 :: POSTED @ 7:22PM CST

Hello! Here are some news about Blue Bloods & a TV Guide appearance! Just so you know, Starry Mag was not able to ask fan questions to Will because he was in a rush. Maybe next time!

-Read the article here, only an excerpt about Will. click here

-The cast of Blue Bloods will be at the Paleys in NYC on Sept. 22nd - tickets are available for anyone to see the premiere screening and discussion; wish I could be there! Click here for more info. (if anyone goes, please share w/ us!)'s Fall TV's Familiar Faces: That Guy! That Woman!
Will Estes
'Blue Bloods'
That guy!: The former child star was Lassie's pal in 'The New Lassie,' one of Lucy's boyfriends on '7th Heaven,' Kirk Cameron's brother on 'Kirk' and, his most well-known role so far, heroic Vietnam War Marine J.J. Pryor on the canceled-too-soon NBC drama 'American Dreams.'
Now playing: He's Jamie Reagan, NYPD rookie cop and son of NYC chief of police Frank Regan (Tom Selleck) in CBS' family/cop drama 'Blue Bloods.'

-A fan took set pics of Blue Bloods on Aug. 31st - been meaning to post this! Click here to see pics!

I will update tomorrow when I get my Entertainment Weekly magazine in the mail! :)

MEDIA :: 09.06.10 :: POSTED @ 11:45PM CST

Starry Magazine interview w/ Will is now up!! Unfortunately, none of our questions were asked. But great interview none the less!

Starry Mag Interview - 09/02/10

TV, GALLERY, SITE :: 09.06.10 :: POSTED @ 5:04PM CST

Make sure to tune into CBS tonight for a Fall Preview Sneak Peek at 8:30pm EST/7:30pm CST! Hopefully there will be some new scenes than what we've seen!

Here are more pics of On The Set 8/31/10!

We've hit the 100,000th mark on the counter as of Sept. 2nd! It took awhile but THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!! :)

WILL & MEDIA :: 09.03.10 :: POSTED @ 7:48AM CST

Here is a new interview with Will and Ecoluxe Magazine on Sept. 1st! Very great interview about eco life at home,etc! You'll have to register to see the rest and its free! Enjoy!! :)

From Screen to Surf

Will Estes is a Hollywood star on a mission. His passion for preserving the environment and humane treatment of animals is infectious, as is his character in one of the seasons most highly anticipated television shows.

Click here to read the rest!

WILL & MEDIA :: 09.01.10 :: POSTED @ 7:48 PM CST

- 17 On The Set pics from yesterday! (8/31/10) I've also reorganized the other ones so they are in their own folders :)

WILL & MEDIA :: 08.29.10 :: POSTED @ 1:13 PM CST

How cute is this!? :) More new stuff should be coming up this week!

AOL Interview w/ Will about Blue Bloods

Watch more AOL Television videos on AOL Video

GALLERY & MEDIA :: 08.29.10 :: POSTED @ 12:50 PM CST

Will is in a magazine!!! It's a pic we've already seen but hey, its been 4 years since he's been in one!! :)

I've updated the articles section for broken links,etc! Still updating! :)

WILL :: 08.29.10 :: POSTED @ 11:50 AM CST

Newest Blue Bloods video posted on (Finest Police Force in the World) - lots of Will! :)

GALLERY :: 08.17.10 :: POSTED @ 10:24 PM CST

More Blue Bloods On the Set from yesterday! Don't forget to send in those questions for Will! :)

WILL, GALLERY & ENCOUNTER :: 08.16.10 :: POSTED @ 11:10 PM CST

Lots of updates!

- 1 new Fan clique member!
- New Fan encounter!
- Updated the navigation at the top with the new Forum link and made a new 100x35 link banner
- I'm gathering questions for Starry Magazine's interview w/ Will this week! Working on the deadline but get them in ASAP - email them to me @ (Think of creative ones!)
- CBS has added their cast info! Here
- New Gallery additions of Kerri pic w/ Will, A new Blue Bloods promo, On The Set of Blue Bloods from today (8/16/10)!, and attending Casio - Shock The World - 08/02/10

Whew! :)

SITE :: 08.12.10 :: POSTED @ 10:06 AM CST

Forgot to mention last nite:

-Fan Clique link is back on here and is under "Fans". Not sure how I missed that for the previous layout but sorry if anyone was looking for it. New codes will be made.
-Next project (while waiting on new stuff), will be to make a new layout for the Gallery and finish the caps of AD: Season 1. Also update any shows/movies that needs be capped or recapped. Speaking of that, I got the Behind the Scenes of Blue Bloods caps back up - not sure why it quit working. Those are under Recent Uploads on the left side.
-Filmography has been updated.
-Will look to add new top affiliates. And will make new affiliate banners for this site and links since I only have one.

I think thats everything for now till Blue Bloods starts. Just wanted to get this layout up first, then do the content,etc.! :)

PS: Anyone up for a girls trip to NY and search for the Blue Bloods set and give our support to Will?? :) Topic has already been started in the cbox. I could start up a dicussion in the message board! (link)

EDIT: New message board (did not know the previous board is gone!) Here is the new one: Join up and start chatting! :)

WILL, SITE & GALLERY :: 08.11.10 :: POSTED @ 10:20 PM CST

First of all, layout is finally up!!! :) Wordpress will have to wait - I was having issues w/ it. Maybe next time!! Anyway, hope you like it! :) posted a new video in their Blue Bloods page, called Meet the Family

Gallery has been updated with a new category, called: Fans. Plus a fan has met Will last week (8/5) while he was filming Blue Bloods!

GALLERY :: 07.29.10 :: POSTED @ 8:09 AM CST

MORE of Blue Bloods On The Set!! I would have found these yesterday if they would have spelled his name right!! It was spelled as Eates!!! lol Sorry the layout is not up, I'm using wordpress for it and apparently its more complicated than I thought!!! But I'm thisclose to getting it launched! Email me if anyone has knowledge of wordpress! Would like to have it up before I leave tomorrow! But at least we have more pics!! :)

GALLERY :: 07.28.10 :: POSTED @ 7:14 PM CST

Blue Bloods Promo & On The Set from today! New layout will be up tonite just so you know if you see any changes, will post later! :)

GALLERY :: 07.21.10 :: POSTED @ 9:54 PM CST

Here are The Dive from Clausen's Pier DVD Caps! :)

-411 caps of The Dive from Clausen's Pier

NEWS :: 07.16.10 :: POSTED @ 12:05 PM CST

DVD News!!! "Dive from Clausen's Pier" is now available to buy on Amazon! It just released on June 29th! When I get my copy in the mail, caps will be updated! :)

WILL :: 07.09.10 :: POSTED @ 4:51 PM CST

Hello! Found a new interview about "Blue Bloods"! I've copied and pasted the part about him:

(07/09/10) WHERE THERE'S A WILL: Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg, Will Estes, Bridget Moynahan and other members of their "Blue Bloods" series company are migrating from West to East Coast over the next couple of weeks. The forthcoming CBS show ? about a family of police in New York City ? will shoot in New York with a cast consisting mostly of L.A. actors. So everyone's moving in advance of the July 26 production start, at least temporarily.

Former "American Dreams" and "Reunion" actor Estes, who is playing the scion of the Reagan police clan, tells us he'll be staying on in the Big Apple at least six months. "I've always wanted to try living in New York, and I've had a secret ? well, not so secret ? wish to play a cop, so this is two dreams wrapped up in one," he says.

Estes says he was "really excited" about the "Blue Bloods" project as soon as he read the script ? not even knowing that the show was created by "Sopranos" veteran executive producers Mitchell Burgess and Robin Green. Nor did he know until later that Selleck and Wahlberg were aboard. There was a long, grueling casting process to go through before he finally learned the job was his, he says. "I waited and waited, days and days. I finally said, 'Just stop calling me. Don't tell me I'm still in the mix anymore. Just tell me if I got it,'" he recounts.

If he and his cast mates look like a real family group sitting around a dinner table in the pilot, attribute it to good acting. "We didn't have any rehearsal or prep time to get the family dynamics" before shooting on that scene commenced, according to Estes. "It was a fun process, kind of getting thrown in. I have a friend who has worked with Donnie Wahlberg, so I felt I knew him a little bit, but never had any interaction with Tom Selleck or Bridget Moynahan. Once we all get our sea legs, I think it's going to be phenomenal."

So happy for him! :)

GALLERY & NEWS :: 06.29.10 :: POSTED @ 11:07 AM CST

Will attended the premiere of "The Infidel" and saw a new release date for "Taxidermist"; Oct. 5th, 2010! It's a Tuesday I'm assuming it's a DVD release?? I'll keep a watch on it! New layout still in the works but almost done!

GALLERY :: 05.20.10 :: POSTED @ 11:29 PM CST

Photos of CBS Upfront and caps of the YouTube Preview! Enjoy! :)

- 14 of CBS Upfront in NY - 05.19.10
- 13 of CBS Upfront in NY in HQ - 05.19.10
- 19 caps of Preview & Behind the Scenes

WILL & GALLERY :: 05.19.10 :: POSTED @ 7:11 PM CST

Already got a promo! lol Plus a preview from YouTube! Thanks to Cat! Click here! I'll try to make caps later on tonite.

WILL & GALLERY :: 05.19.10 :: POSTED @ 9:55 AM CST

GOOD NEWS!!! CBS' 'Blue Bloods' (formerly 'Reagan's Law') has been picked up for the fall!!! EW Mag just announced this morning that it'll be on Fridays at 10pm EST/9pm CST!! Perfect day! :) Can't wait!!! Hopefully we'll get some upfronts/promos soon!

Found new pics and thanks to someone's help! Eva Longoria's Fragrance Event from April 27th of this year, (also HQ), Beautiful PPL West from 2006 and they're in HQ this time, and new pic from 'Magic Valley'!! Plus Current Projects & POTW has been updated! New website layout in the works! :)

NEWS & SITE :: 03.24.10 :: POSTED @ 10:41 AM CST

Hello! First of all, new video at the YT Amazing Will channel! As per fan request, The Fugitive is up. go here. Plus, got word that Will has been casted in a new CBS comedy!!!

Zap2it source

I know the latest gallery album is not working. Supposedly there's a new coppermine gallery version and I have yet to install that. Will definitely do that tonite!

GALLERY :: 03.01.10 :: POSTED @ 12:19 PM CST

Finally! New pics!! Also POTW! :) Will start on the new layout and other updates now that the Olympics are over!

WILL :: 02.14.10 :: POSTED @ 2:18 AM CST

Hello! Sorry for the long delay of no updates!!! There's just not much going on and plus the site has been up for 7 years now, wow!! I'll be starting the process of a new layout!! Anyway, I have half of the updates, I would have caps from an old appearance of Petstar, but the DVD is not working on my computer for some reason. I got a new TV, bigger! for Christmas! :) So I'd thought I would catch his old appearances and update to better, quality caps! What I have now is info on his last film he has done, 'Buhl, Idaho', is now called 'Magic Valley'. I've already started a gallery of the movie. Remember the movie, Luz Del Mundo? Well, there's also a short clip of it! Beware of its content!! That's all I have for now so hopefully I'll get those caps made soon! :)

- Magic Valley
- Luz Del Mundo

Season 6 Premiere - September 25, 2015
Episodes / Season 1-5 caps

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New Drama: Blue Bloods
Character: Jamie Reagan
Release Date: Fridays 10pm EST/9pm CST - Premiered: Fall 2010 - CBS (on Season 5)
IMDB/CBS / Season 1 DVD / Season 2 DVD / Season 3 DVD / Season 4 DVD / Season 5 DVD

New Crime: The Dark Knight Rises
Character: Officer Simon Jansen
Release Date: 2012 (DVD)

New Indie Drama: Anchors
Character: Dylan
Release Date: 2015 (Released digitally: March 6th, 2015)

New Crime: Automotive
Character: Kansas
Release Date: 2013 (Out digitally July 8th, 2014!)
IMDB/Official Site
Rent on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play

New Crime: Line of Duty (formerly Mission Park)
Character: The Dealer
Release Date: 2012 (Watch
Official Site

New Thriller: Shadow of Fear
Character: Morgan
Release Date: 2012; Premiered on Lifetime: May 27th, 2012 (DVD)
IMDB/Official Site

New Suspense: Magic Valley
Character: Jimmy Duvante
Release Date: 2011
Film Fest Appearance: April 23/25/27, 2011 - Tribeca - NYC - (info)

New Drama: Not Since You
Character: Billy
Release Date: 11/23/2010 on DVD

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