WILL :: 10.27.09 :: POSTED @ 11:32 PM CST

Hello. Nothing new about 'Not Since You'. Did anyone see it? If so, let us know! He's currently filming a new independent movie in Idaho, called 'Buhl, Idaho'. The link is under the current projects.

A fan, Cat, found this interesting bit on the web about him! Will is on urbandictionary.com and the definition is: actor on tv's "American Dreams". Very sexy. used to describe something sexy. Did you see that new guy on TV? Very Will Estes.. LOL! I thought that was funny! Thought I'd share! Thanks, Cat! :)

WILL :: 10.23.09 :: POSTED @ 09:10 PM CST

Happy Belated Birthday to Will!! He turned 31 on the 21st!!! Plus 'Not Since You' is going to be shown at the Hollywood Film Festival this Sunday! Let's hope there will be some pics!

GALLERY :: 9.09.09 :: POSTED @ 12:58 AM CST

Wow, wasn't that a great appearance??!! Another AMAZING acting!!! For now, I have small caps, 371 of them! I can't remember how I made big caps for "In Plain Sight" but when I get it figured out, I'll make bigger caps for this appearance! Enjoy! :) Feel free to post thoughts in the chatbox! :)

Also a POTW!

GALLERY :: 9.06.09 :: POSTED @ 10:11 AM CST

Found the preview for "The Cleaner" on TV! So I taped and made caps! He wasn't on that one much but hopefully he's in the show a lot too! :)

I've also added the AW Twitter URL on the left side by the yahoogroups link. We only have 4 followers, where is everyone!? :)

TV :: 08.29.09 :: POSTED @ 11:35 PM CST

Did some googling and it is on Sept. 8th! 10pm EST/9pm CST!!

TV :: 08.29.09 :: POSTED @ 10:40 PM CST

Yay for new TV appearance! Will is going to be on a new episode of 'The Cleaner'!! No date yet but it's usually on A&E and the new season starts on Sept. 8th. Will post the date asap!! :)

GALLERY/NEWS :: 8.07.09 :: POSTED @ 10:55 PM CST

Hello. Sorry its been months since I've updated. Nothing new at all!! :( :( So I just added some pics, made a youtube AmazingWill channel of videos and still making more. I'm thinking about setting up a Twitter account for amazingwill so that you can get a tweet of updates instead of having to check email, if you'd like. Let me know what you think on the chat box or thru email. I'm still working on the wordpress stuff and the content isn't showing up. I may put up a new layout, who knows. Anyway, here's what I have this time:

- New(old) photoshoot pic
- Not Since You Promos
- AmazingWill YouTube Channel (Feel free to subscribe/be friends w/ me,etc. I'll keep you updated when I add more videos.)
- The Dive from Clausen's Pier is being shown on lifetime online till Sept 3rd!

GALLERY :: 4.19.09 :: POSTED @ 11:20 PM CST

I thought he did a GREAT JOB! Looked great as well :) So here are 130 caps and new POTW!

GALLERY :: 4.09.09 :: POSTED @ 11:17 AM & 12:25 PM CST

In Plain Sight Promos:

Also in HQ! Credit goes to: inplainsightfan.com

WILL :: 4.08.09 :: POSTED @ 10:15 PM CST

Sorry for the lack of updates. Went out of town 2 weeks ago and I'm still working on the wordpress thing but its confusing me right now! So, sorry if you can't see much of the text,etc. For now, finally got info of when Will's appearance is on, 'In Plain Sight'! April 19th, at 9pm central/10pm eastern,etc, on USA! Also updated the calendar!

SITE :: 3.09.09 :: POSTED @ 12:22 AM CST

Tada! Here's the new layout!! There will be some tweaking though. I was trying to use wordpress but i wasn't having much success w/ that and thats what was making me far behind on getting this up. Hope you like! :)

WILL/SITE :: 3.08.09 :: POSTED @ 7:54 PM CST

Hello. Just got a text from a Will fan saying that Will's going to be guest starring on USA's, In Plain Sight sometime after April, when the series starts their 2nd season. I rarely check Will's site nor I get any emails about news. I'll keep a lookout for it for now on. I know my tagboard has been down and its the whole site so I got another one for the time being. We'll see how this one works. Still working on the new layout but I'm also working on some home projects so I'm trying to juggle between the two. I'll post when I get more news!

SITE :: 2.01.09 :: POSTED @ 2:48 AM CST

FINALLY! I can see my own site!!!! Yes, for the last 3 weeks, I couldn't get into it but you guys could!!! Something happened on the hosting end for me and I believe my IP was blocked by accident or something. So now I can go back to coding!! I'll have it up early next week at the latest!

Attention American Dreams Fans!

Jonathan Prince and the other creators/producers of American Dreams are currently in negotiations to release ALL THREE seasons of our favorite show on DVD. According to Mr. Prince, here is what you can expect when they are released:

"We will have ALL THREE SEASONS of 'American Dreams' on DVD, with bonus material, plans for a videotaped cast REUNION, as well as the 8 minute "Finale" that never aired, showing what happened to everyone in the show...."

An outpouring of fan support would help them greatly during this time. How can you help? Send an email to the address below.

Email tips:

- Make them relatively short and to the point.
- Let them know that you will DEFINITELY be buying the DVDs
- Why you liked the show, what it meant to you, etc...

These emails will likely be reviewed by Mr. Prince and other executives, so please check your spelling, etc.... Send an email to: AmericanDreamsonDVD@yahoo.com

This is SUCH GOOD NEWS for all of us who have been waiting to see Seasons Two and Three debut on DVD. Your emails will help the negotiation process. So email soon, and spread the word to other AD fans so they can email us, too!

Also, check the American Dreams Fan Club website for updates:

Thanks! Leigh americandreamsfanclub@yahoo.com