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WILL :: 12.19.08 :: POSTED @ 6:11 PM CST

Hello! Here's a sneak preview of "Not Since You" on YouTube!! I'll be having time off soon, before and after Christmas so expect a new layout around then! :)

GALLERY :: 11.24.08 :: POSTED @ 11:18 PM CST

FINALLY!! Here they are!!!! Enjoy!!! :) Oh and I thought Will singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" was so cute! :)

246 Caps of Eleventh Hour - 11.20.08

SITE :: 11.23.08 :: POSTED @ 8:14 PM CST

Hello. Yes I know I haven't had the caps up yet but I'm finally going to get my computer fixed professionally tomorrow at work. The DVD part on my CDRom doesn't work anymore!! I was hoping to find the solution before the show came on but no luck :( So Friday, I went to buy a DVD drive for the extra spot below my current drive and I dont even know how to take apart the whole computer to get it in there!! lol SOo finally I'll have caps tomorrow nite!! Other than that, I LOVED watching Will on TV again!! He did an AMAZING job!! I hope he'll do more appearances!!!!

TV :: 11.06.08 :: POSTED @ 10:16 PM CST

There's finally a date for Will's appearance on 'Eleventh Hour'!! November 20th at 9pm central, 10 eastern on CBS..whoo-hoo!!! Also updated the calendar! :)

GALLERY :: 11.06.08 :: POSTED @ 12:40 AM CST

More updates!!! I forgot that there's a new pic!! Here they are and I'll have more real soon! :)

- Skybar at Mondrian L.A. Halloween - 10.31.08
- Skybar at Mondrian L.A. Halloween - HQ
- New POTW

TV NEWS :: 11.05.08 :: POSTED @ 9:10 PM CST

Just happen to search for his guest appearance on 'Eleventh Hour' and so far, has him listed in the cast list!! No date yet but I've finally put it under Current Projects on the left! :)

GALLERY :: 10.25.08 :: POSTED @ 12:06 AM CST

More new/old pics!! Enjoy!! :)

- EW's 5th Pre-Emmy Party - 09.15.07
- 1st Annual Benchwarmer Trading Cards' Holiday Party and Toy Drive - 12.20.06
- PLAYSTATION 3 Launch - 11.08.06
- US Weekly's Hot Hollywood - Fresh 15 - 09.21.06
- US Weekly's Hot Hollywood Awards - 04.26.06

More pics added to current albums:
- Across the Hall Premiere - 06.23.06
- Diesel Young Hollywood - 03.31.06
- Godfather Game Premiere - 09.19.06
- XBOX360 Gears War Party - 10.25.06

Also updated the calendar and 1 new member in the clique!

WILL/GALLERY/POTW :: 10.23.08 :: POSTED @ 11:20 PM CST

Once again, I've missed an important day!!! HAPPY 30th TO WILL!!! Wow, time flies!! In a couple of months, I'll be the same age!! lol Ahh....Anyway, new pics!! FINALLY!!!! I might have more soon! :)

- Galpin Auto Sports Event - 10/18/08
- New POTW

NEWS :: 10.16.08 :: POSTED @ 10:50 PM CST

Wow, its been way too long since I've updated!!! I know I still have more gallery uploads to do and a new layout. But I'm a little busy right now. But the main point is that Will is going to be on TV again soon!! YAY! Here's what was posted on his official site!!

(10/3/08) Will is going to be a guest star on an episode of the new CBS series "Eleventh Hour." Filming was this week, but we don't have an air date for the episode yet (the show begins airing this month). We will post the air date for this episode when available.

Plus there are pics of "Not Since You" and I can only show the link, saving pics is blocked! The quality is a little blurry anyway! Maybe someday we'll have access to the pics! :) Later!

GALLERY/POTW :: 07.04.08 :: POSTED @ 3:54 PM CST

Hello! Sorry its been a month - no one sent me their fave pics, but one! So I'm going to see if I can find any pics. I'll have more later cause I'm out the door - HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!

- Oakley/Suzuki's Celebrity Ride Day - 06.25.08
- New POTW

GALLERY :: 06.05.08 :: POSTED @ 1:35 AM CST

Finally got the gallery all back to normal!! I'm having a hard time picking a pic or two for the new layout!! So I was thinking, why don't YOU guys send me your fave Will picture and we'll see about making a collage of your fave pics! :) How does that sound?? You can go thru the gallery and send me a link or attach your pic! Looking forward to some emails! :) Here are the updated/added albums!! Sorry I took so long, I was having issues with the gallery again!

- Wounded Warriors Foundation Shootout
- TV
- Music Videos
- Photoshoots
- Red Carpet
- Misc Events
- Magazines

There are still some that are missing and some I'm going to recap. I'll add them as soon as I find them!

GALLERY :: 05.21.08 :: POSTED @ 8:40 PM CST

I'm back and graduated from college, finally!! :) :) Sooo here are more gallery uploads (Thanks Whit!!) and next will be a new layout! :)

- High Quality - Photoshoots
- High Quality - Reunion
- High Quality - AD
- High Quality - Misc Events

GALLERY/INTERACT :: 04.16.08 :: POSTED @ 10:42 AM CST

Hello! Sorry it took awhile - I would've updated last week but I was having trouble w/ the gallery! It was the littlest simplest thing!! lol Geeezz. So for now, I have these, including fan interaction emails - been a while!! maybe a year at least? lol I'll have to update the survey and pics for that! So that probably wont happen till the weekend! Later!

- New POTW
- Bra Boys Premiere - 4/7/08
- Wounded Warriors Foundation Shootout
- 1 new Rate Will
- 1 new Will A-Z

GALLERY :: 03.22.08 :: POSTED @ 11:20 PM CST

More new pics! YAY!! Since the red carpet/misc event pics are everywhere on my computer, I'm having to find them all and make folders of each event, so that way it'll be easier. Its taking me forever!!

- Trembled Blossoms Premiere - 03.19.08


Hello! Sorry I haven't updated much! I've been swamped with school and now I'm on spring break!! I'll see how much I can get done before I go back. Remember Will was going to do some webisodes for ABC?? They're up and called 'Squeegees!' I totally forgot about it till the Official AD Club yahoogroup emailed!! Looks like there's more to go so we'll see if Will's in those too!! I made a 'web' category for the gallery. I also put the abc link in the current project section so you can see the videos,etc! Very weird though lol I'll have more updates real soon!

- Web Category - including 'Squeegees'
- new Project
- New POTW

NEWS :: 02.23.08 :: POSTED @ 4:13 PM CST

Just wanted to post the link to a petition about releasing AD Seasons 2 and 3, that just started yesterday. Sign up and pass it along!! :) More updates coming up!

- AD Petition!

GALLERY/POTW :: 02.21.08 :: POSTED @ 11:00 PM CST

Hello! I got most of the movies back up! Some I'll have to recap, also a new appearance photo, and POTW! Plus new gallery look! I finally got the fanbase back up so anyone is free to join the clique! I should be hearing from Gail about Will soon!

- Movies (Mimic 2, Terror Tract, See You in My Dreams, The Familiar Stranger, Blue Ridge Fall, and U-571)
- Will at EA's Burnout Paradise Pre-Vday Lounge - 2.11.08
- New POTW

I'll start working on the other albums over the weekend! And putting back up the Will Malloy fanlisting!

GALLERY/POTW :: 02.11.08 :: POSTED @ 2:48 AM CST

Whoops! I missed the 5th birthday of this site!!! lol Anyway, new pics! FINALLY!! A nice fan found new event pics :) So I have one of the pics as POTW and here are the albums! I haven't heard any news about Will yet but we will soon! :)

- Course of Nature CD Release - 02/06/08
- "May" Caps
- New POTW

NEWS/GALLERY :: 01.27.08 :: POSTED @ 10:01 AM CST

Hello! First off, I got great news!!! Des from is working for Gail but Gail got ahold of me and mentioned about this site! She thinks its way better than the official one, of course! lol I told her how its been quiet it is since we haven't heard anything on Will and that the official site hasn't been helping much either. She offered to contact Will to find out!! Plus she going to send pics of Will from the yearbooks she got from AD! It'll be a few days till I put them up. Not sure when we'll find out about Will but that'll probably be soon too. So anyway, here are the albums that I have up!

- Dive from Clausen's Pier
- HQ
- Exclusive

GALLERY :: 01.25.08 :: POSTED @ 12:45 AM CST

I got AD and Reunion pics back up!! I'll have more pics soon!

- American Dreams - All Season Promos and Caps of Season 3
- Reunion - Promos, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1991

VIDEO :: 01.21.08 :: POSTED @ 12:38 AM CST

Found a behind the scenes video of one of the movies!! Luz del mundo! Still no news about it. So here's the youtube link!

SITE :: 01.17.08 :: POSTED @ 12:19 AM CST

Hello. Sorry for the lack of updates and posting. I had server problems w/ the gallery last week and I'm having to readd the pics again, argh. So the links below will go to different ones. Still working on the clique stuff. I'll post soon.

SITE/GALLERY :: 01.09.08 :: POSTED @ 12:48 AM CST

I'm finally updating again, sorry!! For now, I have AD Season 3 up and that took quite a few hours. Its getting too late so I'll add Reunion/Dive or something tomorrow, er tonite lol I might redo the caps of Dive since I had a different capturing program. I forgot how bad the quality was for Season 3! oops. I'll just wait till the DVD to come out and I'll redo those - oh boy - thats going to take awhile lol Plus Season 2. I never had those up before! I realized I haven't made caps for the last episode!! I'll work on that this weekend. I also have the calendar back up. I'm having trouble bringing back the phpfanbase for the clique - I still have everyone's info, thank god, its just the matter of uploading that file and its not working!! I just remembered about it when I was uploading!! Anyway, be back soon w/ more pics! :)

AD Season 3

SITE/GALLERY :: 01.02.08 :: POSTED @ 1:22 AM CST

Happy New Year!!!! Sorry I haven't been updating when I said I was going to. I failed to mention that I was going to be out of town from the 26th-30th. Then I was too tired to mess w/ the site. I FINALLY got the navigation thing fixed and got the gallery installed right! I have the American Dreams pics up - only the 1st epsiode and promos for all 3 seasons. I'm going in order of what's listed. I wish NBC would hurry up and release 2 and 3!! Anyway, I was watching AD Season 1 on the road and it was bringing me back memories! I dont know when was the last time I saw that season - I think a year or two?? lol I still miss that show!!! After I upload what I have for AD, I'm going to finish capping the rest of Season 1. Here are the links of the albums:

- Season 1
- Season 2
- Season 3

The next update is going to be the fanbase stuff, ah. I believe I have everyone's info still so I'll have to do them manually again, its going to take me awhile :( Later!

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