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MOVIE :: 01.07.07 :: POSTED @ 12:36 PM CST

Happy New Year!! Thanks to Cyn from the tagboard about this! There's a new short film, "States United" video sample on myspace!

Here's the description: Nomadic Warrior, Will Estes star of hit TV shows "American Dreams" and "Reunion", fights for survival and love in post apocalyptic desert world. Soon to be a major motion picture and video game! Contact Universal Studios for release date. WARNING: GRAPHIC and best of all, SHIRTLESS! ;)

Hopefully I'll get more info on this, I've sent a message to the director. Besides that, I'm still working on the caps!

- States United (Short Film) Directed by Dan McCann


Thanks to Alexa Davalos Web for letting me use her Will videos from the now closed site!! I haven't watched these in like a year and surprised she has these! :) Soo enjoy and she's also my top affiliate! More updates coming soon!

- On the Set of Reunion - Save as!!!
- Interview w/ Will about Reunion

GALLERY :: 01.10.07 :: POSTED @ 6:37 PM CST

OMG, thanks to a fan emailing me today about this!!! lol Ready?

- 159 MORE Reunion Promos!!! :)
- also check out the calendar for future tv appearances!

GALLERY :: 01.14.07 :: POSTED @ 5:39 PM CST

- Caps of States United - Thanks to Director Dan for letting me do that!

still working on the caps of 'see you in my dreams' - i made way too many!!! lol :)

TV/SITE :: 02.10.07 :: POSTED @ 10:29 AM CST

Sorry its been awhile!! This site just turned 4 years old on the 7th!! Wow! Where did the time go?? lol I've gotten ahold of those new pictures but I'm waiting for a better quality! Should be sometime this weekend!! So anyway, here are some tv appearances!

- 2/11 - Dive from Clausen's Pier - 5pm EST / 4pm CST - Lifetime
- 2/14 - How to Make an American Quilt - 12pm EST / 11am CST - Lifetime

GALLERY :: 03.07.07 :: POSTED @ 11:20 PM CST

Here are the pics that everyone's been waiting for. Well they're not in the best quality cause I was waiting for even better but didnt work. Also have a new member for the clique stuff. Sorry I haven't updated but I'm busy with school and work, as usual. Spring Break is coming up but I'm going away lol I have some time at home inbetween 2 trips so I'll get something in. Its just that I'm still working on the caps and I'm not done! I'll even try to put up more videos. Plus its hard to update when Will hasn't been to any events NOR been on tv!! what's up w/ that!? Where is he?!?!?! :(

- 1 new member
- 4 new (old) photoshoots

GALLERY/MEMBER/POTW :: 03.28.07 :: POSTED @ 11:36 AM CST

Hello. Sorry I haven't gotten the caps up but like I've said before, I went on vacation for my spring break now I'm back to doing homework and working for the rest of the week. I'll see how much free time I have to finish the caps! In the meantime, finally, Will was at an event!

- 4 images of 21st Annual Genesis Awards
- 1 new member
- New POTW


I forgot to mention about the new thriller, 'Taxidermist' that he's in!! Its only in pre-production so hopefully we'll get more updates on it! There's another pic of genesis awards, thanks to whit - just a nontagged one! No new appearances till 7th of April!

- 4/7 - See You in My Dreams - 11am EST/10am CST - Lifetime
- 4/7 - The Familiar Stranger - 5pm EST/4pm CST - Lifetime
- 4/8 - Boy Meets World (No episode name listed) - 10:30am EST/9:30am CST - ABCFAM

I should have the caps done by the weekend is over!


FINALLY! The caps are here!!! lol I'm going to have more caps really soon, possibly reunion! :)

- 535 caps of 'See You in My Dreams' (even though the album says 536, its supposed to be 537 since there's already 2 pics in there - 2 pics has the same filename, the gallery just made a copy of it, so i didn't overwrite any, whew)
- 1 new member
- 1 new survey result
- Will on TV: 4/5 - Step By Step - 2pm EST/1pm CST - ABCFAM
- 4/13 - Boy Meets World - 8:30am EST/7:30am CST - ABCFAM
- 4/17 - Law & Order - 6pm EST/5pm CST - USA

GALLERY :: 04.04.07 :: POSTED @ 5:44 PM CST

Whoo-hoo! More caps! Thanks to Whit for letting me use them! :) Saves me so much time!

- 587 of Reunion 1987
- 1,031 of Reunion 1988

GALLERY :: 04.14.07 :: POSTED @ 1:25 AM CST

YAY!! Here are the U-571 caps!! I found a better way to convert them wayyyy faster!! :) Next I'll have Familiar Stranger!!

- 352 of U-571
- Don't forget about the site's forum! Post Post Post!

GALLERY :: 04.14.07 :: POSTED @ 4:13 PM CST

More caps!!!! lol I was quick! hehe. Anyway, I think its time for a new layout, don't ya think?!

- 484 caps of The Familiar Stranger

GALLERY :: 04.16.07 :: POSTED @ 5:22 PM CST

- 2 of Emerald Night Ball - 04.07.07
- New POTW

GALLERY :: 05.18.07 :: POSTED @ 11:20 PM CST

New pics!! Sorry I haven't updated in a month - i was soo busy w/ school!! I'll try to start caps starting next week till i leave for vacation in texas. so anyway, finally he showed up at an event! lol later! :)

- 9 pics of Halo 3 Sneak Preview - 5.15.07
- New POTW

SITE :: 05.23.07 :: POSTED @ 1:15 PM CST

Hey guys! I need help picking out a pic for the new layout! I've posted them in the forum - click here!. Thanks!

SITE :: 05.24.07 :: POSTED @ 2:12 AM CST

Wow, look what I did! I made a layout less than 24 hours!!! lol Its been awhile since I've had a summer layout and I know its not summery looking, which I just realized, haha. But hey! I like it! Hopefully you too! Well I'm off to Texas so have a good weekend and I'll be back to updating a lot! :) Later!

GALLERY :: 05.24.07 :: POSTED @ 8:44 AM CST

Dang! Bad timing! lol just sent me pics of Will!! lol These are when he was doing to the Intouch Mag Food review back in 2005!! Soooo look for a new layout when I get back!!! lol :) I think it'll be much better than this one!! So yea I have time to figure out what to make out of it! :) Enjoy!

-Magazine Shoots (new album!)

GALLERY/VOTE :: 06.03.07 :: POSTED @ 1:19 AM CST

Hello! Got some goodies! Thanks to sayyesfan from the forum! Sorry I dont know your real name lol I'm still working on the layout, kinda braindead at the moment but it shouldn't take long!

- 255 caps of 'The Fugitive - "Guilt" from 2000
- 83 caps of "AOL's Celeb Crush from May 2003
- Vote for Will!

Doubt that AOL thing was on actual TV but I had nowhere else to put it. Plus the videos of those 2 shows are in the forum! I might put them on here, or just put up the upload links, if that's ok w/ her :)

NEWS/CLIQUE :: 06.05.07 :: POSTED @ 1:06 PM CST

TV Guide's Ausiello suggested that Will should have the Smallville's role of new editor's Daily Planet! They're looking for a 30something actor but Will isn't 30 yet!! Still cool that he was mentioned! I posted a comment, you guys should too! :)

- TVguide link
- 1 New Member!

I'm going to keep this layout and make a new one before I start school in Aug! :)

GALLERY/VIDEOS/TV :: 06.14.07 :: POSTED @ 12:43 PM CST

Hello! Sorry I haven't been updating much. But I do have 2 months to do a lot of them! :) More caps coming soon!

- 31 caps of Jeopardy
- 25 caps of Charity
- added the video links to the gallery!
- updated the tv calendar!

GALLERY/POTW :: 06.20.07 :: POSTED @ 11:00 PM CST

- 5 new pics of Will & Brittany Snow at LG Mobile Party - 6.19.07

NEWS :: 06.25.07 :: POSTED @ 9:07 PM CST

Thanks to the tagboard peeps about the wireimage videos! He's currently working on a short for!!! There's no contract/regulations yet but he said to keep watching on the site! I couldn't catch the name quickly, squigy? lol but its 10 episodes, 4 min clips. He also mentioned about taxidermist. The other 2 videos from the latest event were just taking pics on the red carpet w/ Brittany. Cute! :) (Sorry I can't save their videos!) Bummer!

NEWS :: 06.26.07 :: POSTED @ 7:02 PM CST

- 4 more pics of Will & Brittany at LG Mobile Party - 6.19.07

NEWS/MEMBER :: 07.31.07 :: POSTED @ 11:51 AM CST

Hello. Sorry I haven't been a very good webmistress, been busy with stuff that I never get to do while in school! I also have a little website job too. I start school in 2 weeks, so I'm gonna update tons! Plus I don't have any nite classes so we'll see if I can squeeze in updates too! :) Right now I have little updates and still working on the 'Blue Ridge Fall' caps, halfway thru. I have my high school reunion this weekend so I should be able to finish them by then, if not, I might be able to get them up on Sunday when I get home!

- 1 new member
- Added 'The Hill' (Was The Ride of Nine) to the Current Projects section

GALLERY/VIDEOS :: 08.24.07 :: POSTED @ 6:33 PM CST

School's has started up again so we'll see how much free time I have to update more. I'd like to put up a new layout and I'll try to do it now before the semester gets worse. Just please be patient, thanks!

- 241 Caps of 'Blue Ridge Fall'
- 58 Caps of '7th Heaven - Love Stinks' Part 1 (2 coming soon)
- 40 Caps of '7th Heaven - All By Myself

Sorry about the quality but when they repeat, I'll get them on DVD and it'll be much better. Thanks to Whit for these videos!:

- 7th Heaven - Just You Wait and See - 2000
- 7th Heaven - All By Myself - 2000
- 7th Heaven - Here We Go Again - 2000

Calendar has been updated as well.

NEWS :: 08.29.07 :: POSTED @ 10:24 AM CST

I got some news!! Desi of says that Gail is currently in the movie, "The House That Jack Built" and they're replacing Hal Sparks - guess who she suggested?!? Will!! We'll find out if he signs on next week! Let's hope he does! :) click here for more info on the movie!

SITE :: 10.08.07 :: POSTED @ 3:01 PM CST

Hello! Welcome back!! Sorry I have NO idea what happened w/ my host!!! I waited to see if it would come back or see if I would get any emails back but nope!! Just disappeared and I'm not happy about it, still!! I dont have the phpfanbase/calendar back up yet cause well I gotta get into the internal stuff to make it work. Same w/ the gallery - you know how long it took me to put it all up!! I dont even remember half of the albums I've made! So I'm afraid all of that got lost and same w/ the album counter. It just sucks. I have no idea when I'll get that done. I also need to work on that new layout; Will's birthday is coming up! I got a new and better job, more flexible. This week is more like a 'break' from school but I'll be working. So we'll see how much time I find to get everything back to normal! :) There are a couple of new pics of Will but I'll add those later on today.

PICS :: 10.08.07 :: POSTED @ 10:29 PM CST

Hornitos Tequila Fine Line Party on Sept. 20th

SITE :: 10.20.07 :: POSTED @ 8:36 PM CST

Hello! Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm looking for a new host. Most are only accepting sites w/ a lot of unique visitors and unfortunately, I don't have very many ppl coming on here a day lol So I'll keep ya updated!

SITE :: 11.24.07 :: POSTED @ 2:51 PM CST

Thought I should update about the site. I have yet to find a new host, no answers! :( I'm currently coding the new layout and should be up tomorrow sometime - depending where I'm at in my homework. Sucks that I'm not really having a Thanksgiving break :( Anyway, I'm going to resubmit to some hosts and see the new layout will give me a new home! After that, then I'll get back to readding the pics to the gallery. That will happen in two weeks; school comes first!

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