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02.09.03 - Anyone see the "Heartbreak" episode?? Will was great in it, as usual! Anyway, I just have 2 members. I'll update later on, I'm tired right now. Later and keep joining!!

03.20.03 - Hello! I got a new member and added "articles" in the Will section. Check it out, because I have 2 Spring 2003 articles in there! :) Enjoy! ;)

05.15.03 - Yo! I have 3 more members and 2 new links that you should check out! Plus AD is having a 2nd season so more Will next year! YAY!! I should've told ya, but Will was on Celebrity Jeopardy last month and he won!! I'll be better about posting future appearances! Later!

05.28.03 - Hello! 1 new member! Keep them coming! :) I updated gallery tho! Plus watch Will on "The Other Half" tomorrow - May 29th! Check local listings!! This is a repeat from Jan 9th! More stuff coming soon!

08.08.03 - Sorry it took awhile! I'm SLOWLY getting more members. Get me some more!! :) Anyway, I have 4 new members, more codes, added an affiliates section in 'web', a new link, and a new article! I've decided to update now because I'm going away for the weekend. I'll have more soon! I have yet to join some cliques! lol Oh yea, rent "May", will's in it! its really short tho! Later!

09.14.03 - 2 new members, 2 new photos in gallery in the 'will' section.


Will is going to be a presenter at The 2003 Creative Arts Emmy Awards, which will take place at the Shrine Auditorium on Sat. Sept. 13. "American Dreams" was nominated for 3 awards. This will be broadcast on E Entertainment Channel on Sept 19th at 6pm EST and I think the same one is on Sept 21st on FOX at 8pm EST. Better check out both of them!

NBC will hold a "Rockathon" in Palm Springs on the day of the show's season premiere. Will and the cast will attend along with rock bands performing. No details available yet for those who want to attend. Clips from this should be shown on the premiere night.

I'll have a new layout really really soon! :)

10.08.03 - TV Alert! Will's past appearance in Full House - called 'Michelle Rides Again' repeats on Nickelodeon (Nick at Nite) tomorrow nite (10/09) at 11pm EST!! There are two parts to this episode, but this one is Part 2! If the 1st one comes on, I'll let ya know!

I'm still working on the layout - sorry for the LONG wait! I HAD one made, but i didn't like it very much lol I have an idea in my head right now and I just need to work it out!! I work 40 hours a week, bear w/ me! :)

10.09.03 - i dont know who's right - or - but nick at nite is saying part 2 is at 10:30pm CST - so watch it just in case if its the right one! :)

10.20.03 - Hello!! Like the new layout?? I only have 100x35 codes and 5 new members! I have yet to finish the site section and among other things. Its getting late, so later!

10.22.03 - OOPS! I forgot to post yesterday, because it was Will's 25th Birthday!! I got so busy doing other things, that I forgot to do this!! Plus I wanted to update :( GRR! I'll make it up soon!! LoL Anyway, hope he had a great day!

11.11.03 - TV ALERT!! Will is going to be on the Sharon Osbourne Show - Thurs - Nov 13th! Check local listings!

11.27.03 - TV ALERT!! AD Cast is going to be in the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade on NBC at 9am for all time zones! I hope I'm not too late!! 1 new member! I'd have more updates but its really late right now and i'm leaving for out of town. I started working on them but I keep having puter problems - so i give up! I'll have them when i get home tonite! Happy Thanksgiving!

11.28.03 - Hello! I'm finally here! Did anyone see Will, along w/ Tom, Vanessa, & Rachel on Macy's?? They were interviewed by Al Roker. It was so cute! Anyway, I have lots for ya!! I still have yet to work on the site section lol I will do that later. I'm pretty tired right now. I have tons of pics - click on 'will', then on 'gallery' - it has been updated and reorganized. I've been noticing I haven't been adding new pics. Oops. prepare to drool! ;) I have a new section called 'encounter'! Thanks to Julianna for letting me use her pics and story. check it out! that's in will's section as well. I also have rate his style in that section! Another TV appearance for will! Dec. 3rd - 7th Heaven - 11am EST on ABCFam! That's about it! Enjoy! :)

12.21.03 - Welcome to the new home of this site!! I have new pics in TV & AD! Plus 4 more members, 4 new rate will style results and I have PHP for the Join, Members, etc!! Its easier to run the members page! I also have fanlistings/cliques i've joined - finally! Here's another tv alert - Dec. 26th - Lifetime - "Familiar Stranger" at 9pm EST!! This is a cute and sad show, but Will did great!! I'm going out of town from tomorrow to the 28th - so I'll have a mailing list then for updates and Will news!! Have a Merry Christmas!!

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