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GALLERY :: 04.25.17 :: POSTED @ 5:55PM CST

Here are caps of the last new episode, which was on April 14th, had a repeat on the 21st. Now we are back with new episodes this coming Friday, the 28th and the season 7 finale on May 5th! Time is flying!! Let's hope there's more Jamie scenes in the new episode. We definitely got a lot of him in the season finale, which he works on a case by himself. It's been awhile since he's done that! Thank goodness we have another season! Enjoy! :)

- 31 caps of Blue Bloods' "No Retreat No Surrender" - Epi. 7.20 - 04.14.17

GALLERY :: 04.09.17 :: POSTED @ 5:39PM CST

Great episode on Friday! It was nice seeing him with a different partner for a change and it felt like old times!! Here are the caps for it! Enjoy! :)

- 292 caps of Blue Bloods' "Love Lost" - Epi. 7.19 - 04.07.17

WILL, NEWS & GALLERY :: 04.02.17 :: POSTED @ 5:15PM CST

Hello! Lots of updates today!! I was going to update in between the 150th episode celebration and the new episode but decided to do all at once. Friday's episode was pretty funny and the season finale will be on May 5th! It's already getting close to the end already and the cast just wrapped filming for season 7. We hope they'll have a great break!! Will, Tom & Bridget were on CBS This Morning on Monday morning! Thank goodness for a fellow BB fan for catching that! I have a caps and video of the interview. Plus pics of the 150th episode celebration at 92Y from Monday night and the video of the panel. Then of course caps of the newest episode. I also have an interview with Will from Jan that I forgot to post last time. Plus a video of Behind the Scenes of the 150th Epi.! Enjoy!

- 283 caps of Blue Bloods' "A Deep Blue Goodbye" - Epi. 7.18 - 03.31.17
- 14 of the Blue Bloods cast at the 150th Episode Celebration - 92Y - 03.27.17
- 104 caps of CBS This Morning - 03.27.17
- CBS This Morning interview with Will, Tom & Bridget - 03.27.17
- Blue Bloods' 150th Episode Panel at 92Y - 03.27.17
- Behind the Scenes of the 150th Episode
- Interview with Will Estes: he talks Tom Selleck, Blue Bloods & Social Media - 01.18.17

NEWS & GALLERY :: 03.23.17 :: POSTED @ 9:18PM CST

First and foremost, we have news!!! As of this morning, Blue Bloods has been renewed for Season 8!!! WHOOO!! Another year of Will gracing on our TV screens!! :) :) :) Big congrats to Will & the cast!!! I also have caps of the last new episode from March 10th, which was a great one by the way!! Plus promos for the next episode on the 31st!! We're almost done w/ the break! :)

- 2 of Blue Bloods' Episode 7.18 Stills
- 379 caps of Blue Bloods' "Shadow of a Doubt" - Epi. 7.17 - 03.10.17

GALLERY :: 03.05.17 :: POSTED @ 3:25 PM CST

We're 5 days away from a new episode after 2 week break so here are the promos! :)

- 3 of Blue Bloods' Episode 7.17 Stills

GALLERY & VIDEO :: 02.20.17 :: POSTED @ 7:42 PM CST

Hello! I have caps of the latest Blue Bloods episode and a video of my local news I've recorded and uploaded, that went to the set of Blue Bloods for their 150th celebration! They interviewed Tom, Donnie and Erin but no Will :( But at least the whole cast is in there. We are having 2 weeks of repeats so we'll be back with new episodes on March 10th!

- 199 caps of Blue Bloods' "Hard Bargain" - Epi. 7.16 - 02.17.17
- Behind the Badge - Blue Bloods - KCTV5 - 02.17.17

GALLERY :: 02.15.17 :: POSTED @ 6:17 PM CST

It's been a long time since we've had set pics!! All 25 of them, too! Enjoy! :)

- 25 of On the Set of Blue Bloods - 02.14.17

GALLERY :: 02.12.17 :: POSTED @ 6:12 PM CST

Great episode on Friday!! The writers finally brought up Jamie's career about moving on up but he chose to stay where he's at. Hopefully someday he'll change his mind. To me he deserves it. Here are the caps!

- 270 caps of Blue Bloods' "Lost Souls" - Epi. 7.15 - 02.10.17

GALLERY & NEWS :: 02.09.17 :: POSTED @ 6:20 PM CST

Hello! Finally here with updates! Caps of the latest episode from last Friday, "In & Out", promos for the new one tomorrow "Lost Souls" & the cast celebrated their 150th episode yesterday!! I'm sure we'll be getting more goodies from that soon! Enjoy! :)

- 2 of Blue Bloods' 150th Celebration - 02.08.17
- 2 of Blue Bloods' Episode 7.15 Stills
- 425 caps of Blue Bloods' "In & Out" - Epi. 7.14 - 02.03.17

GALLERY :: 01.23.17 :: POSTED @ 9:05 PM CST

Lots of Will scenes in the last episode! We are on a break till Feb. 3rd, not sure why but anyway, here are the caps of the latest episode of Blue Bloods!

- 535 caps of Blue Bloods' "The One That Got Away" - Epi. 7.13 - 01.20.17

GALLERY :: 01.18.17 :: POSTED @ 7:30 PM CST

Here are promos for the upcoming episode this Friday, the 20th for "The One That Got Away"!

- 6 of Blue Bloods' Episode 7.13 Stills

GALLERY :: 01.14.17 :: POSTED @ 5:30 PM CST

Happy New Year!! Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year's! I uploaded a lot today to the Gallery! Finally the Season 6 DVD Special Features & Deleted Scenes, and the last 2 new episodes of Blue Bloods! Enjoy! :)

- 264 caps of Blue Bloods' "Not Fade Away" - Epi. 7.12 - 01.13.17
- 239 caps of Blue Bloods' "Genetics" - Epi. 7.11 - 01.06.17
- Season 6 DVD Special Features & Deleted Scenes

GALLERY :: 12.18.16 :: POSTED @ 7:04 PM CST

I wanted to wait and update till I got the date for the next episode of Blue Bloods and it'll be on Jan. 6th! The latest episode was pretty good! Great Jamie scenes. Here are the caps! I'll do an update of the Gallery before the year is over! :)

- 238 caps of Blue Bloods' "Unbearable Loss" - Epi. 7.10 - 12.09.16

GALLERY :: 12.04.16 :: POSTED @ 3:50 PM CST

Hello! Sorry for the lack of updates. I took a little break while BB was also on break :) We got only one new episode this month, and it's this coming Friday, the 9th. Then we're on break again. Should be back in January sometime but I'll post as soon as we know! The last episode was pretty wild, right?? Very rare we see a drunk Jamie which was different for a change. But Will's talent sure showed! Anyway, here are the caps and episode stills of the latest episode!

- 301 caps of Blue Bloods' "Confessions" - Epi. 7.09 - 11.18.16
- 4 of Blue Bloods' Episode 7.09 Stills

GALLERY :: 11.13.16 :: POSTED @ 7:24 PM CST

Lots of Will again and ratings up are back in the 10 mill!!! Hope they keep this up! Here are caps and enjoy!

- 339 caps of Blue Bloods' "Personal Business" - Epi. 7.08 - 11.11.16

GALLERY :: 11.06.16 :: POSTED @ 7:00 PM CST

Great storyline for the 7th episode!! I love it when he has strong cases and Will did an amazing job! I hope he gets more next week! Here are the caps from that episode and promos for the 8th! Enjoy!

- 406 caps of Blue Bloods' "Guilt by Association" - Epi. 7.07 - 11.04.16
- 5 of Blue Bloods' Episode 7.08 - "Personal Business"

GALLERY :: 10.29.16 :: POSTED @ 6:51 PM CST

Finally we have episode stills for this season!! Plus, we only got a dinner scene last night :( Next week's preview shows him in action and talking to Danny; plus he's mentioned in the synopsis! Can't wait to see the new episode!

- 3 of Blue Bloods' Episode 7.07 Stills - "Guilt by Association"
- 23 caps of Blue Bloods' "Whistleblowers" - Epi. 7.06 - 10.28.16

GALLERY :: 10.23.16 :: POSTED @ 4:40 PM CST

I hope Will had a great birthday! He and the cast posted birthday celebration pics! He had been quiet posting on social media lately so hoepfully he'll do more this week! I got caps of the lastest episode of Blue Bloods, not very many Jamie scenes this time. Hopefully that'll change in the next episode!

- 238 caps of Blue Bloods' "For the Community" - Epi. 7.05 - 10.21.16

GALLERY :: 10.16.16 :: POSTED @ 6:09 PM CST

For the 4th episode of Blue Bloods' Season 7, we finally got more scenes of Will! Hope they'll keep it up and the show finally won the night for this season! Here are the caps! Also, Will's birthday is coming up on Friday, the 21st, so don't forget to wish him a happy birthday on Twitter!! Finally he's on social media so he can see it all this time! :)

- 282 caps of Blue Bloods' "Mob Rules" - Epi. 7.04 - 10.14.16

GALLERY :: 10.11.16 :: POSTED @ 6:17 PM CST

We are getting more and more scenes of Jamie! Have yet to see him get a solo storyline. It needs to happen soon!! Anyway, here are caps of Season 7, Epi. 3! Enjoy! :)

- 230 caps of Blue Bloods' "The Price of Justice" - Epi. 7.03 - 10.07.16

GALLERY :: 10.04.16 :: POSTED @ 9:36 PM CST

Hello! Got some new goodies for ya! Not only I have caps from the 2nd episode of Season 7, I also have red carpet pics from when he attended Cirque du Soleil Kurios - Cabinet Of Curiosities in NYC on Sept 29th! It's been awhile since he has been to one! Anyway, updates below! :)

- 77 caps of Blue Bloods' "Good Cop Bad Cop" - Epi. 7.02 - 09.30.16
- 5 of Cirque du Soleil Kurios - Cabinet Of Curiosities-09.29.16

NEWS, WILL & GALLERY :: 09.26.16 :: POSTED @ 9:00 PM CST

I FINALLY got my CBS Watch! Magazine in the mail today!! Blue Bloods is also in it and a few of the cast members with their own stuff. Will did a fashion featuring Italy. I was expecting more of a photoshoot spread but hopefully they'll put more of him and the cast in a future issue! I forgot to add a NY news segment from Friday and they interviewed the cast and toured the set! The video is below, along with the pic with Will and Vanessa. I finally found the radio interview that Will did back in July. That is below as well. I have yet to cap the special features of Blue Bloods' Season 6 DVD. The gag reel is hilarious!! Other than that, I'm also working on a new layout but we'll see when that will be up. Still tweaking it. Hopefully we'll have sneak peeks for the next episode!

- 4 pics from CBS Watch! Magazine - October 2016 Issue, Vol. 11, Issue 5

Behind the scenes on the set of "Blue Bloods" with CBS New York! 9.23.16. Thanks to Alex Denis!

Radio interview with Brown & Scoop from July 5th.

GALLERY :: 09.25.16 :: POSTED @ 9:16 PM CST

Blue Bloods is back on with new episodes!! I hope you enjoyed 1st episode of Season 7! Will had a great storyline but could've been more. Hopefully we'll get even better ones this season! All I have for now are the caps, I need to gather what I forgot to post last time to anything new. I have yet to receive my copy of CBS Watch Magazine and I'll post as soon as I get that! Enjoy! :)

- 167 caps of Blue Bloods' "The Greater Good" - Epi. 7.01 - 09.23.16

NEWS :: 08.10.16 :: POSTED @ 10:48 PM CST

Hello! Been awhile since I've updated! There hasn't been much news lately, finally we're getting close to the Season 7 premiere; in a little over a month! Will posted great news yesterday and he's going to be in the next issue of CBS Watch Magazine! It's been a few years since he's been in there. It'll be on newstands Late September! If you want to subscribe, you'll get it in the mail in time! Can't wait to see a new photoshoot! Plus, CBS released the storyline for the Season 7 premere. Season 6 DVD will be in stores Sept. 20th. A little later than usual. I believe that's all I have for now.

Blue Bloods deals with a car crash involving a public figure.

Danny's world is turned upside down when Michael Lewis (guest star Michael Imperioli) from the Attorney General's office obtains new evidence against Danny in the self-defense shooting case of Thomas Wilder. Also, Jamie and Eddie respond to a car crash involving a drunk driver who is a public figure, and Frank is asked by Grace Edwards (guest star Lori Loughlin), the wife of a slain police officer, to keep her only son out of the police force.

GALLERY :: 06.10.16 :: POSTED @ 07:07 PM CST

Will attended Best Friend's Society/NKLA last Sunday! He posted his own pic on his Twitter. Plus helped with the Building Houses charity the day before. He also posted a pic on his Twitter. Anyway, I got 4 NKLA pics and 18 of an old (new!) photoshoot from 2010 by a photographer named John Russo!! You might recognize some pics from an interview when Blue Bloods started. Enjoy! :)

- 18 of 2010 Photoshoot by John Russo
- 4 of Best Friend's Society with NKLA - 06.05.16

WILL :: 06.05.16 :: POSTED @ 03:02 PM CST

More great news!!! is back up and running!! Maybe we'll finally get some news ahead of time again! :) :) Check out the awesome new look and site!

GALLERY & WILL :: 05.07.16 :: POSTED @ 07:30 PM CST

GREAT NEWS!! Will is now on Twitter and Instagram!! He's both under WillEstes101, so follow him! :) He just joined a couple days ago and announced it on 2 L.A. shows yesterday! I have the videos below and made caps. Plus last night's season finale was fantastic!! Lots of Jamie scenes, it was great! Now we're on hiatus till 7th Season in Sept. Enjoy the goodies! :)

- 300 caps of Blue Bloods' "Blowback" - Epi. 6.22 - 05.06.16
- 40 caps of Hollywood Today Live - 05.06.16
- 40 caps of CBS' Los Angeles - 05.06.16

GALLERY & NEWS :: 05.03.16 :: POSTED @ 06:31 PM CST

Hello! We have one more episode left of Season 6 and it's on this Friday, the 6th! The season has sure flown by but so glad we have another season to look forward to!!! Looks like Jamie has a great case in the finale so it'll be enjoyable to watch! I'm posting the preview for it and Tom Selleck is on the cover of the new TV Guide again (have yet to get it), but luckily the article is online! No worries, there's no spoilers of the finale, just good info! I'll post if anything Will shows up in the magazine!

- 24 caps of Blue Bloods' "The Extra Mile" - Epi. 6.21 - 04.29.16
- 136 caps of Blue Bloods' "Down the Rabbit Hole" - Epi. 6.20 - 04.15.16
- Tom Selleck and Blue Bloods Costars Dish on Sunday Dinners and the Season 6 Finale - May 2016
- Vote Jamie and Donnie in the Blue Bloods' "Driven to Warm Our Hearts" Awards!!

GALLERY & NEWS :: 04.15.16 :: POSTED @ 12:00 AM CST

First thing first, Blue Bloods has been renewed for a new season!!! I'll try to update more often because I really need to even though I post ASAP on Twitter. lol Anyway, here are caps from the last 2 episodes and promos of the new episode coming up tonite, plus a sneak peek of a Jamie scene! Enjoy!

- 3 of Episode 6.20 Stills
- 329 caps of Blue Bloods' "Blast From the Past" - Epi. 6.19 - 04.08.16
- 413 caps of Blue Bloods' "Town Without Pity" - Epi. 6.18 - 04.01.16

GALLERY & VIDEO :: 03.13.16 :: POSTED @ 11:17 PM CST

Lots of updates tonight! Will just had a fantastic storyline this past Friday!! We are on a repeat next Friday so hopefully we'll find out when we'll have new episodes! Donnie did a Periscope on the set of Blue Bloods last Monday with the cast and it was epic!! Great little chat with Will. Since Periscope only has the videos available for 24 hours, Kelly was so kind to get it uploaded to YouTube! I have it below and enjoy! :)

- 485 caps of Blue Bloods' "Friends in Need" - Epi. 6.17 - 03.11.16
- 2 of Episode 6.17 Stills
- 14 of On the Set of Blue Bloods - 03.07.16
- 22 of Blue Bloods' "Help Me Help You" - Epi. 6.16 - 02.26.16
- 52 of Blue Bloods' "Fresh Start" - Epi. 6.15 - 02.19.16
- 1 of Episode 6.15 Still

GALLERY & ARTICLE :: 02.16.16 :: POSTED @ 11:35 PM CST

Hello! Here are caps from the last 2 episodes of Blue Bloods and a great article on Will!

- 237 caps of Blue Bloods' "The Road to Hell" - Epi. 6.14 - 02.12.16
- 286 caps of Blue Bloods' "Stomping Grounds" - Epi. 6.13 - 01.22.16
- 1 of Episode 6.13 Still
- Guy of the Day February 5: Will Estes

GALLERY & INTERVIEW :: 01.17.16 :: POSTED @ 6:16 PM CST

Lots of updates today! An interview with IMDb on Jan 12th, On the Set of Blue Bloods from Jan. 14th and caps of the latest episode!

- 400 caps of Blue Bloods' "Cursed" - Epi. 6.12 - 01.15.16
- 17 of On the Set of Blue Bloods - 01.14.16
- IMDb Asks Will Estes with Jerry O'Connell - 01.12.16 (Will is at the beginning for an intro and interview is at the 22:40 mark)

GALLERY :: 01.13.16 :: POSTED @ 7:36 PM CST

Here are caps from Blue Bloods' Episode 6.11 "Back in the Day" and promos for this Friday's new episode, "Cursed"!

- 3 of Episode 6.12 Promos
- 176 caps of Blue Bloods' "Back in the Day" - Epi. 6.11 - 01.08.16

GALLERY :: 01.05.16 :: POSTED @ 8:46 PM CST

Happy New Year!! Blue Bloods is back with new episodes this Friday, the 8th, with Episode 6.11! So here are the promos! :)

- 2 of Episode 6.11 Promos

GALLERY :: 12.13.15 :: POSTED @ 9:19 PM CST

Sorry for the long wait of updates but I'm all caught up! Blue Bloods is currently on a short winter hiatus so we should be back with new episodes in January!

- 259 Screencaps of Blue Bloods' "The Flag of Our Fathers " - Epi. 6.10 - 12.11.15
- 2 of Episode 6.10 Promos
- 234 Screencaps of Blue Bloods' "Hold Outs" - Epi. 6.09 - 11.20.15
- 342 Screencaps of Blue Bloods' "Unsung Heroes" - Epi. 6.08 - 11.13.15
- 2 of Episode of Epi. 6.08 Promos
- 149 Screencaps of Blue Bloods' "The Bullitt Mustang" - Epi. 6.07 - 11.06.15

GALLERY :: 11.05.15 :: POSTED @ 10:27 PM CST

Caps of Blue Bloods' Episode 6.06 - Rush to Judgment and Promos of Epi. 6.07 which airs tomorrow night!

- 3 of Episode 6.07 Promos
- 374 Screencaps of Blue Bloods' "Rush to Judgment" - Epi. 6.06 - 10.30.15

GALLERY :: 10.28.15 :: POSTED @ 5:53 PM CST

New promo pics and a preview for Blue Bloods' Episode 6.06, "Rush to Judgement"!

-5 of Episode 6.06 Promos

GALLERY :: 10.27.15 :: POSTED @ 12:33 AM CST

Hello! So sorry that I took so long to update!! I'll do my best to update weekly!!! And unfortunately, I forgot to post about his 37th birthday last week (10.21). So for the update so far this week, are caps! Hopefully we'll get promos for the next episode because Will has another storyline! Season 6 is treating him well!

- 77 Screencaps of Blue Bloods' "Backstabbers" - Epi. 6.05 - 10.23.15
- 374 Screencaps of Blue Bloods' "With Friends Like These" - Epi. 6.04 - 10.16.15
- 227 Screencaps of Blue Bloods' "All The News That's Fit to Click" - Epi. 6.03 - 10.09.15
- 3 of Episode 6.03 Promos
- 217 Screencaps of Blue Bloods' "Absolute Power" - Epi. 6.02 - 10.02.15
- 2 of Episode 6.02 Promos

GALLERY :: 09.29.15 :: POSTED @ 12:25 AM CST

Hello! What did everyone think of the Season 6 premiere? Great scenes of Will but could've been more!! Of course, the episode topped the night in TV ratings! I hope everyone got the Season 5 DVD to catch up before the new season started. During the hiatus, I made caps of the deleted scenes from all of the seasons and its Special Features. I didn't realize the pictures of Season 1 special features weren't working so they're back up. Season 5 Special Features got great Will shots. Even the Stunts feature where they talked about his fire on his arm episode. Make sure to catch that! Anyway, I also have caps of the Season 6 premiere and will have more updates during the week when the promos of the next episode comes out! Enjoy! :)

- 175 Screencaps of Blue Bloods' Season 6 Premiere - Worst Case Scenario - Epi. 6.01 - 09.25.15
- Screencaps of Blue Bloods Season 5 DVD Special Features & Deleted Scenes
- Screencaps of Blue Bloods Season 4 DVD Special Features & Deleted Scenes
- Screencaps of Blue Bloods Season 3 DVD Special Features & Deleted Scenes
- Screencaps of Blue Bloods Season 2 DVD Special Features & Deleted Scenes
- Screencaps of Blue Bloods Season 1 DVD Special Features & Deleted Scenes

GALLERY & NEWS :: 08.25.15 :: POSTED @ 5:41 PM CST

One more month till Season 6 of Blue Bloods premieres!! I've added the one and only promo of Will (there should be more!) and episode summary in the "Next on BB" on the left! Hope we get more goodies soon!

-1 of Episode Still of 6.01

SITE :: 08.23.15 :: POSTED @ 9:41 PM CST

Site is back up is back up once again! Had issues with new host, got another new one. Much better! New Gallery layout up soon! Definitely before the new season of Blue Bloods! Let me know if you have seen Will on set!

SITE :: 08.09.15 :: POSTED @ 2:23 PM CST

Hello. I just wanted to let everyone know that my current host is closing and starting tomorrow, the 10th, the site will be temporally down while I find a new host. So don't freak, I'm not giving up the site! Keep checking back for a new update and to see if it's back up or check my Twitter because I'll be posting updates! Thanks! :)

SITE & GALLERY :: 07.16.15 :: POSTED @ 4:13 PM CST

Hello hello! Finally the new layout is up!!! I hope you like and let me know on Twitter!! :) Glad I finally got rid of the main.php so this page starts right at the index of the domain! :) Anyway, I found more pics from past events!

- 10 more of CBS' Summer Soiree - 05.18.15
- 7 more of 2nd Annual Paleyfest in NYC - 10.18.15
- 18 more from Dark Knight Rises Premiere - 07.16.12

Blue Bloods went back to filming late last week! They made two videos of Will! They're right below: (Embedding Instragram videos into an HTML isn't supported. Bummer!)


Sorry for the long delay but first of all, BLUE BLOODS HAS BEEN RENEWED FOR SEASON 6!!! WHOO!! I'll post Season 5 DVD release when there's a date!! And of course the Season 6 premiere! I have capped the last 2 episodes of Season 5, he attended another CBS Summer Soiree. Plus he was in Hawaii the weekend of May 22-24th! He won Actor of the Year at the Big Island Film Festival! I'll post the article that includes the pics. Plus the festival's Facebook's page with numerous pics of him. I'll get those added into the Gallery as soon as I get permission. I've also included a video of Will counting down to the season finale. Enjoy! :) P.S. I'll definitely have a new layout before Season 6 begins! :)

- 4 of CBS Summer Soiree - 05.18.15
- 97 caps of Blue Bloods' "The Art of War" - Epi. 5.22 - 05.01.15
- 1 of Episode 5.22 Still
- 131 caps of Blue Bloods' "New Rules" - Epi. 5.21 - Epi. 04.24.15
- 2015 Big Island Film Festival Announces Winners - 05.25.15
- Big Island Film Festival on Facebook (Includes pics of Will)

A video of Will counting down to Blue Bloods' Season 5 finale

GALLERY :: 04.15.15 :: POSTED @ 04:18PM CST

Hello. 2 more episodes left of Season 5! Still waiting on a renewal but we should hear soon! We have a repeat this week so we'll be back with a new episode on the 24th! Here are caps from the last 3 episodes! Enjoy! :)

- 261 caps of Blue Bloods' "Payback" - Epi. 5.20 - 04.10.15
- 3 of Episode 5.20 Stills
- 25 caps of Blue Bloods' "Through The Looking Glass - Epi. 5.19 - 04.03.15
- 153 caps of Blue Bloods' "Bad Company" - Epi. 5.18 - 03.13.15
- 2 of Episode 5.18 Stills

NEWS & GALLERY :: 03.12.15 :: POSTED @ 10:33PM CST

Another great episode we had last Friday!! Plus, "Anchors" is finally released digitally! Go here: Rent or buy!! Also, please leave feedback on their page. It's a great movie; showed more of his amazing talent!! You can see the trailer in the embedded video below. Anyway, here are the caps for last week's episode and we got another great storyline tomorrow!

- 413 caps of Blue Bloods' "Occupational Hazards" - Epi. 5.17 - 03.06.15

ANCHORS - Trailer from Anchors on Vimeo.

GALLERY :: 02.22.15 :: POSTED @ 5:56PM CST

Hello. I forgot to mention that the cast of Blue Bloods was in an issue of TV Guide! Mostly about Tom but had snippets of each member. So I've added Will's into the gallery. Here are the last 2 episodes capped! We have a week hiatus again so we'll be back with a new episode on March 6th!

- 225 caps of Blue Bloods' "In The Box" - Epi. 5.15 - 02.20.15
- 385 caps of Blue Bloods' "Power Players" - Epi. 5.16 - 02.13.15
- Will in Feb 2-15th, 2015 TV Guide

GALLERY :: 02.10.15 :: POSTED @ 10:47PM CST

Hello! We just had another great episode featuring a lot of Jamie! So here are caps of the last two episodes!

- 557 caps of Blue Bloods' "The Poor Door" - Epi. 5.14 - 02.06.15
- 36 caps of Blue Bloods' "Love Stories" - Epi. 5.13 - 01.30.15

GALLERY & NEWS :: 01.18.15 :: POSTED @ 11:11PM CST

Wasn't Friday's episode great or what?! That should have been the 100th episode because everyone had their own storyline!! Plus Will had a great and strong storyline. This season has been great for Will!! I forgot to mention last time that #BlueBloods100 was trending during 100th episode!! Very cool. Plus I was given a link of HQ pics of Will filming Blue Bloods!! Date is unknown but it was with Vanessa aka Eddie. Thanks to FF_AuntJackie on Twitter!! Enjoy! :) We're going to have a rerun this coming Friday :( but a new one after that!

- 338 caps of Blue Bloods' "Home Sweet Home" - Epi. 5.12 - 01.16.15
- 44 HQ of Will on the set of Blue Bloods

Funny gif I just made of his dance moves. I hope someone caught it on video!


The 100th episode was great!! Except there wasn't enough Will. But looks like we got a bigger storyline coming up on Friday!! I have promo stills of those, plus sneak peeks, 100th episode caps, interivew with Will and zap2it, plus a cute countdown to 100th episode video of Will!! Today Will, Donnie and Kevin Wade (writer) went to give money to the NYPD and they posted a pic! Click here to view!

- 3 of Epi. 5.12 Stills
- 118 caps of Blue Bloods' "Baggage" - Epi. 5.11 - 01.09.15
- Click here to see Vanessa Ray's pic with Will!
- Interview with Will: 'Blue Bloods' hits the 100 episode milestone playing 'the journey, not the result' - Zap2it - 01.09.15
- Video of Will counting down to the 100th episode (no embed link available) Click here!

Home Sweet Home Sneak Peek 1 and 2

GALLERY :: 01.08.15 :: POSTED @ 6:14PM CST

Here are promos of Will for the 100th episode tomorrow night! Looks like we'll have another great storyline of Jamie! :)

-4 of Epi. 5.11 Stills

GALLERY, NEWS & VIDEO :: 01.03.15 ::POSTED @ 6:17PM CST

Happy New Year!! Sorry for the lack of updates, but we're back with new episodes!!! Glad the hiatus wasn't too long this time! The next episode, on Jan. 9th, will be the 100th episode! Hopefully there will be promos with Will included!! His episode last night had another strong storyline; hope this keeps up for the rest of the season and on!! I have caps of the last 2 episodes, plus a video of the cast on "The Talk" from the 12th! Enjoy! :)

-301 caps of Blue Bloods' "Sins of the Father" - Epi. 5.10 - 01.02.15
-3 of Epi. 5.10 Stills
-65 caps of Blue Bloods' "Under the Gun" - Epi. 5.09 - 12.12.14

Cast of Blue Bloods on CBS' "The Talk" - 12.12.14